sunrise exhibits Omani

sunrise last day in Muscat
went back to historic center

visited Bayt al Zubair museum

replica of traditional Omani house

an exhibits on marine history, historical postage stamps, period furniture...

the Ghalya Museum of Modern Art

is the preserved home of an Omani family from 1950s

Omani art and fashion exhibit


palace soaring style

Al Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton
the atrium is very soaring
it was built in 1985 for gulf area countries conference
it has a lush setting
government buildings at Al Bustan circle
House of parliament, Omani style


stopover Muscat museum

while returning home, brief stopover
to scenic Muscat in Oman
Sultant's Palace in Old Muscat
visited newly opened national museum
there are models of fortifications.
Bahla fort is the largest fortification in Oman.
Set in an oasis, the first settlement dates from
the third millenium BC. It is triangular in shape.
The great fort at ar-Rustaq,
second largest in Oman
after Bahla, built around 648.
a panoramic elevator inside museum
how historic Muscat is depicted
model of a historical boat
following are words from inscription
"The circle is an Islamic symbol of wholeness and unity and quintessential element of Omani design. Circular motifs and families of patterns are based on the mathematical division of circles into smaller geometric components. Hexangons, octagons, squares and triangles are used in combination with smaller circles and other geometric elements to form elaborate medallion-like designs known as 'roundels'."
"Roundels are featured in wood, plaster, copper and silver work and serve as a central motif on the men's traditional embroidered cap. Contained entirely within a single circle, the roundel exemplifies the mathematical lucidity that characterises all Islamic art and architecture."
later visited Mutrah Souq shops

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