Tusi Castle, Zhangjiajie

Tusi Castle in Zhangjiajie Town was built in the 8th year of Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1730). It was a hereditary hall of Qin Chunyi, ruler of 1st generation of Tujia Nationality. The castle integrates overlapping hanging group houses and watchtower. It is considered as a Southern Forbidden City. The architectural wonder hanging house is recorded in Guinness World Book of records.


vaudeville drumming acrobat

vaudeville show, Wulingyuan town, Zhangjiajie
dynamic drumming
contortionists on the round stage
acrobat twirled, suspended from a piece she is biting on.
strongmen shows


avatar park elevator

rocky natural bridge
silly tourists taking risky pictures
the site of Avatar movie
another bridge formation in movie
Tianzi sightseeing platform
stone peak forest
view from Emperor's seat
really vertigo inducing
Balong Elevator in the distance
one exit of the park
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