janus received expression

while sleeping in janus sirsasana;
heard, "pay attention to dristhe".
received adjustment in marichyasana a
enabling full expression of asana.

birthday lucky jade

we celebrated R's birthday yesterday
given eight lucky $2 bills
i also received a gift;
uneven stones incense jade bracelet
waiting for late arriving guest,
captured image of all food.


home shala krama

i practiced at home today,
a little hurried i'd say.

recently have experienced bad attitude
not wanting go to shala.
problem is not my teacher.
he is a good one.
problem is my tight body.
vinyasa krama followed ashtanga intro.
did "on your feet" poses.


experienced hypogastric yoga

hot weather system easing up. went to shala for practice.

lately experienced lower abdominal pain,
localized in the hypogastric region.
was it something i ate?
yoga took its attention away.
after three practices no pain.
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