missed thanksgiving friday

missed yoga practice; labeled lazy.
wednesday: awoken midnight, slept poorly
thursday: slept for thanksgiving day
friday: slept for black friday.


mat passing people

shala mat to mat today.
fight erupted bus ride home.
exited bus hastily, took another.
aggressive woman impeding others passing, 
purpose: to save husband's seat.
must not engage rude people.


stairs lately tightens

maybe climbing 15 flights stairs

lately five times per week,

tightens thighs, decreases foot flexibility


Mexican stronger poses

hello to Mexican Chinese family.
stronger, but still feel fat
need lose weight, bind poses


urca autocorrect danurasanas

did 20 urca danurSabas today.

thank you autocorrect: urdva danurasanas.

new guy did everything perfectly.

"circle of life" R. said

old people go, new come.


blessed today fitness

feeling blessed - good vegetarian food
that my SIL cooked today

then set up fitness machine
that my other SIL introduced
great for backbend warming up.


historic interesting ass

historic hotel accross street undergoing renovation

interesting see interaction between workmen.

my practice not kicking ass.


focusing "noche obscura"

how avoided focusing on pain.

going: "don't think, just do."
motivation - getting to shala.

despues: "noche obscura del alma"
"cuerpo es como celda obscura,

ojos - ventana hacia la luz."
San Juan de la Cruz.


thighs overall good

thighs exploding, overall strength good.

thieves spot valuables

provincial people steal in Shanghai;
happens places frequented by foreigners.
understand thieves work in pairs.

one spots you, alerts accomplice.
accomplice then distracts you, while
thief opens bag and steals.

happened twice in public bathrooms.
now, all valuables under lock.


party Mysore birthday

party red door yoga yesterday
Bing Bing, Sophia going Mysore
celebrated teacher Rob's birthday too
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