mexican soccer interrupted

argentinian, venezuelan, puerto rican, mexican
ate tacos at cantina friday.
discussed soccer, tango, salsa, women.
saturday developed cold, yoga interrupted.


hands wait bus

urdvha danurasana hands closer feet
did not wait for assistance.

teacher wondered why did not.

time short, afraid deep practice.
where take daughter bungee jumping
ran to bus after breakfast.

last week around Suzhou, Pudong.


upward prana island

teacher wanted to assist upward bow.
effort caused breath through mouth.
prana better with closed mouth.
christmas miami beach palm island.


toppled pelvic park

bookcase toppled from overloading.
removing books to fix it.
while arranging read yoga books.

anatomy, pelvic floor, educating spine.
amazing how influenced practice today.
bandhas, deep breath, compression, expansion.
zhangye, danxia national park, ganzhou


slow calorie umbrella

ate much yesterday, slow practice.
need return recording daily meals.
read Dr. Nakamats calorie restricter,
inventor wants live to 140.
romantic rainy walk sharing umbrella.
shoulder to shoulder, shop groceries. at Macau museum of art


early dropbacks administrator

led class today arrived early.
did dropbacks warmups 20 minutes.
garden humble administrator, Suzhou Museum.


practice improves salsa

practice not as strong today.
yesterday missed because sleep interrupted.
practice daily really improves flexibility.
new colleague from US arrived.
can dance salsa, is latin.

pictures from Guanzhou metro, opera


smooth chocolate museum

smooth practice lots back bending.

R. happy headstand without wall.

love her more than chocolate.

listening instructions coming to standing.

barney soldier enjoys perfect weight.

his slimness yoga bending easier.

Xian horticultural expo, Guanzhong museum


bursting purse mall

no pain strong practice today
studio bursting with full mats
dignitaries visiting too much eating
bought designer fake purse 800
same purse flagship store 14200

says could manufacture for less.
at new IAPM luxury mall


clapping rising soon

yesterday in shala clapping celebrated, Amazon Jim came to standing,

effortlessly rising from urdvha danurasana. 

 recently i gave him tips, how shift weight to legs,

why i can't is mystery.
"14 years -never done that" - i surprised teacher by saying.

 "tomorrow" he responded, meaning soon.
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