doblao pose individualism

"hoy estoy medio pan doblao"
i did embryo pose perfectly. so now i feel somewhat bent.
led classes pose counts long. shoulders collapsing in upward dog.
"do you know Aiden Shaw?", asked colleague, i wonder why.
author, musician, model, porn star.
Chinese admire individualism these days. from a trip through Gansu.


moon ride opened

moon day showed up shala,
retreated to park watched taichi.
freeloaders paid bus ride today, on cheating driver's day off.
yesterday busy traffic every where,
correlated to strange news elsewhere.
today Jing'an temple opened free. offered incense to the Buddha.


understanding cranium pain

R: "doing yoga every day
does body harm." (surprised look)
"my spine hurts." (emphatic understanding)
"yoga not just physical exercise"
i tapped on his cranium. "it's good for the mind."
Went easy on upward bows, and teacher did not press.
the more you do yoga, the more you dismiss pain.


phenomenon sunny workshop

strange phenomenon in bus ride; acquaintances of driver ride free.
Irina Bella Casa took corner. i suffer attachment to it.

practiced next to sunny BB
signed up for Kino - Tim's
back bending workshop on Sunday.
S's birthday picnic last saturday.


munched down pretzel

yesterday munched much at picnic; today had energy but stiff. no problem doing upward bows.

amazon jim ate whole chicken, yesterday washed down with beer. ashtanga yoga needs balanced eating. not too much nor little.
practiced across Cherry Tijerina and Pretzel Dubois, both of whom - pretzel themselves into bound poses.

a while back in Macau


amazon etiquette sore

amazon jim asked me why, during practice R. talks back, to teacher making some comments.
does not know, i explained, class etiquette to be quiet.
led practice today little sore.


sometimes regaining binds

R. wanted to rest today.
lately do 4 classes weekly. seems to be our speed. then sometimes we are lazy.
regardless of regaining my poses, can't see how to bind, if don't lose 10 pounds.
forget tightness of old age. there is a physical barrier, for binds encircle the body,
if there is much fat. back then at summer palace...


understanding pelvis canteen

further understanding of coming up, from upward bow to standing.
not just legs shift forward, pelvis has to rotate down, pelvis in effect rotates forward. legs engaged bring spine up.
discussed afterwards with Amazon Jim, during breakfast at Chinese canteen


improving mischievous noises

martha stewart's cousin across me. upward bow improving uh hum. might come to standing soon.

expressed: "Bù yào fàng pì.".  "don't f__t," i told neighbor. was met with mischievous grin.

little apprehension about body noises. woman loudly burped in bus.


mind rock across

sunday quiet mind, stretchier practice.
extra dropback practice thrown in.
walk hands inside feet, rock. have not come to standing.
the Inventor, Canadian, practiced across. meanwhile at Badaling, Great Wall...


intelligent permission boat

felt guilty missed class yesterday. today informed was moon day. body naturally intelligent needed rest.
led class today with BB. R left quietly after navasana, asking permission to do so.

teached him to say navasana, nava for boat like navy, asanas like all yoga poses.
at cans of ham Beijing


spasms much loving

today afraid to do yoga. had muscle spasms while sleeping, dismissed it as bad dream.

not sure which chakra region. groin? heart? chest? don't know. rested today just in case.

do yoga good for health. too much exercise abuse body? i do not only do yoga.

i work professionally, keep house; maintain loving relationship, make happy.
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