reached middle temple

reached the ashtanga yoga shala and registered for class with Saraswathi
Saraswathi and Sharath are coming to Beijing in the middle of this year, i found out
on the way to Bangalore airport in Delhi saw a remarkable sculpture interpreting Surya Namaskara asanas
on the drive to Mysore we stopped at a Ganesh temple


experience flights drama

part of the Mysore experience is the journey of getting there. i anticipated it would not be necessarily easy, so i obtained travel insurance to cover things such as flight cancellations, changes, etc. i used Expedia to book our flights. i had heard that when problems arise en route, you might experience problems with Expedia, such as that they may rebook you on other of their discounted flights, at times not necessarily convenient to you. when we arrived in Hong Kong, we were told that one hour was insufficient time to change planes, so the airline re-booked us on the same flight for the next day. they did not provide us for a hotel. when i called Expedia, they told me there were flights to Bangalore on other airlines, but i could not use my ticket for those. if i flew on another airline, buying a new ticket, i risked invalidating the entire trip.

what can i learn? i studied the itineraries for several days before booking. my mistake was not noticing that the time between the Hong Kong arrival and departure for India was one hour. it is safer to have several hours wait between flights. i also did not expect the situation that the Chinese airline would not recognize the continuing flight. i do not know what to do about that in the future, other than booking flights with the same airline, or if it is with different airlines, allowing sufficient time in between flights to take care of problems such as these that one carrier does not honor the entire itinerary.
traveling can bring much drama, as dramatized by my dear cousin.


advanced design recognition

i was selected as the most effective, advanced staff member  in our design institute. it's a great honor and unusual recognition. since i entered the company i have been very happy.


traveling communications yoga

it's a little hard when traveling for work. one has to overcome jetlag, which causes nausea during the first few days when being driven around in a car. food is unusual and often too much of it is offered. one changes hotel rooms when one is requested to extend one's stay to attend meetings. yoga practice is interrupted. occasionally there are meetings over the computer at 6:00am. one works on Saturdays and Sundays. Friday is the day off, but sometimes there are meetings.  when talking with family back home, sometimes there are technological communication problems. it seems the data coming into the country arrives at a speed higher than the data going out of the country, resulting in unclear communications.
anyway, here is a nice yoga pose.


business continuing christmas

while on business in Kuwait, i'm doing poses from ashtanga primary series, in a vinyasa krama style, doing the poses i can do within an hour and continuing with the next poses the following day. i have monkey mind, because of the demands of the project. when i packed my bags in Shanghai, my yoga mat was in it, but my family repacked the bags and forgot to place it in. i was able to find a mat locally at the Decathlon sporting goods store near the hotel.  as usual with each trip here, the client extends our stay by a few days. the christmas ornaments are still on at home in Shanghai because we take them down after chinese new year. they are festive, so it's nice to have them still on.

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