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we were walking to a bus stop outside mall of Mysore, near the Latitah Mahal Palace. we had visited Chamundi Hill two hours earlier. it was already dark. there were some big open pot holes on the sidewalk. i avoided falling into one by stepping on the edge. i assume that R, a few steps behind me, would do the same. suddenly i hear a scream and saw that R. disappeared totally into a hole. i was upset, scared, asked R. why he wasn't paying attention to where he was walking and cried, the crying could be caused by the intense yoga practice. i've read the practice can have that effect sometimes. or maybe i was crying about possible loss of a friend, and concern about how his family would feel if  he was hurt. R. managed to pull himself out with only a scratch on the left arm and right elbow. luckily the hole was not deeper than his height.  his new camera was okay as well. he was still wearing sunglasses at night, not a good idea. it took me a while to regain my composure. i felt responsible for his well being.

on the street some Indians came to check on R. and find his shoes, lost in the hole. He bonded with an Indian man on the bus to the city, describing his experience. another Indian man spent the next bus ride home talking to me about his yoga and pranayama practice. it was comforting that the people here are kind. although i took out travel health insurance for this trip, i would prefer not to have the reason to use it. we are here to practice yoga and do some moderate sightseeing, but we must pay attention to our energy level and return home early. when we get overly tired, we start doing stupid things.

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DDD said...

Glad all is well.
You are so right
"when we get overly tired, we start doing stupid things."

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