after conference authorized

on Sunday, after Sharath's conference, we had the opportunity to meet Angie. we all love her inspired, poetic writing.
she's very bubbly.
said hellos to Greg and Juan Carlos,
to Robbie and Amberlin
and lovely Susan.

daily, our practice gets stronger. as to what we will do when we get back to Shanghai, i have some ideas. Rob Lucas has two Mysore classes per week, one on Thursdays and one on Sundays, and one led primary series class. the studio he is in, Red Door Yoga, has reasonable prices and you can get a class card for several classes.so this may be an option for practicing with a teacher. he's Venkatesha's student. does that mean i will become bendier? haha. another option is that our host in Mysore, Stephanie, knows two ashtanga yoginis from Shanghai, so she will put me in touch with them and i can find how the teacher might appear. right now, i think the two authorized teachers are no longer in the city.


エスタ said...

Wow! You're in Mysore! Ha, been away from blogs for a bit. What a lot has been going on. Oh have a masala dosa and idli with coconut chutney for me x

Arturo said...

Hi Esther, yes. It feels like a short visit.

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