It's Yoga weight

three days ago we went to Mysore practice at It's Yoga Puerto Rico in San Juan.

David Kyle instructed and adjusted. he mentioned that several of the teachers where in Mysore at the moment and we might meet Fabiola while there.

he reminded me that in Mysore we will be stopped at the pose we struggled with. it is humbling because i'm struggling to bind in Marichyasana B and D. i've also gained some weight in the last year that would naturally make it a challenge to bind in D, besides an injury that does not allow me to bind in D on one side.

oh well, being humbled is part of the practice

ta da!

with David

the school moved to a new space adjacent to their old location and have a very naturally lit large studio.


themed district sequence

yoga themed window in Flatiron district in NY. tomorrow will take R. to a Mysore style class in San Juan. he needs to learn the primary sequence in advance of going to India. we've been visiting family in Puerto Rico. it's been often rainy, with a two partially clear days.


north seafood transluscent

visiting a town called Panjin, in Liaoning Province, north east China. at dinner there were many different kinds of seafood i have rarely eaten. one crustacean was like a walking shrimp. it was so unusual i was sorry for eating it. the host poured me a tall glass of baijiu, which is the equivalent of whiskey. i sipped a little politely at each toast, happy they did not call for finishing the glass. Panjin is famous for it crane birds and the red beach, a site where plants turn bright red once a year. I learned that vellum, a transluscent printing paper is made from the reeds that grows in the marshes of this province. image from this source


return yoga torch

after a week and a half hiatus, we returned to practice this morning. my student was going through a grieving period because of the loss of a friend. i said yoga should help adjust the mood, moving away from depressed feelings.
think Olympic torch.
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