sunday boarding horse

today is Sunday, but it's a day of work, because everyone lumps together a string of days after the national day holiday for a long holiday period.
i consistently mention this every year, because it's always curious to me to see so many people fall in line and behave as if a Sunday is a regular work day - sending kids to school, professionals boarding the metro, etc, all at early hours.

after waiting a long time outside the restoom in a train to open up, wondering if someone was sick, i understood the meaning of the sign. but i still had to ask someone to verify the meaning, since it did not mean that "while the horse is in the stable, don't occupy the restroom".

pictures from Lanzhou.


sledding twigs maintained

the crescent lake at the sand dunes of Ming Shan in Dunhuang. the MingYue pavilion was completed in 1993 in Tang style architecture, to support the scenic spot. this is where we were riding camels and sledding on bamboo sleds last week.

while visiting Xining, a colleague met with his former classmate for dinner. afterwards, he gave me what his classmate gave him, this package. he said it was a local food. he did not know how to eat it and said that the instructions called for soaking in water then eating it. it looks literally like tree twigs, so i can only imagine that one would make some sort of tea from it. does anyone know?
i am home after traveling for three weeks. i have maintained some yoga practice in my hotel rooms, but now at home have not woken up early enough for practicing, so i have meditated. my student, who practices with me, has been traveling in Canada and the US and will return on tuesday. together we might travel to Xian in western China for the national holiday, so i anticipate more hotel room yoga practice.


yogic devotion monastery

Last sunday, viewed yogic like devotion at Taer Monastery in Xining, Qinghai,

a Buddhist monastery with Han Chinese and Tibetan architecture. The movement was repeated over and over, like sun salutations.


colleagues Qinghai camels

went with colleagues on a holiday trip through Gansu and Qinghai provinces. in Dongguang, we rode camels
and climbed up a sand mountain, to slide down on rafts.


pineapple grapefruit pomegranate Tide

pineapple, grapefruit and pomegranate scented Tide! i was happy when i found lavender scented Tide, which is hard to find presently. finding this one in the corner store surprised me. it seems the initial fragrance is fruity, and the final one clean scented. we'll see how i feel when a wear clothes washed it it. i will try it on hand washables on my western China trip.


hotel tired monkey

i'm continuing with hotel yoga practice
when i'm not tired or not on a plane
feeling like a monkey.


enough supply stuff

is it enough? looks like a year's supply. i only eat that stuff while traveling.
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