doing work sequences

i have been doing hotel yoga, on my travel mat, distracted mentally by my work responsibilities.
Grimmly's vinyasa krama book on the kindle is reminding me of the VK sequences.

bought comfortable Ecco shoes at a store in this mall.


meditative muscles snapshots

today we practiced the meditative sequence and one half of the lotus sequence of VK. getting assisted and assisting in supta vajrasana resulted was intense, causing calmness after practice beyond expectation. i was expecting to feel calm after inversions yesterday, but instead felt that way today.
so much practice of upward bow and dropbacks is making the muscles in the back of the legs and glutes really strong. sweet.
my photographer has his own way in snapshots. i usually compose them level, but he wants to capture a lot of things in one shot, sometimes with jaunty compositions.


strap headstands entertained

concerned that a strap might not be enough support to help bring me up to standing from upward bow, today we wrapped the strap around a towel, wrapping it on the diagonal so the ends where thin, the center thick. coming up to standing seemed smooth when R. pulled.

today we did inversions series - a lot of headstands. i suggested we do check of how we're feeling today after this practice. inversions give calmness, help digestion, assist in funtioning mentally more clearly. they can also make you feel a bit spacey. so far I'm functioning with mental clarity.

our house is now set up to entertain guests more comfortably. so we entertained friends last saturday.


bird mudras about

the little bird thrashed around in the middle of the night. my sleep was interrupted, so i went back to sleep after the alarm sounded. with limited time for practice, we sat on meditation cushions, assumed proper hand mudras and meditated 15 minutes, the wind moving things about in the bedroom.


bow suffering comfortable

practiced bow series today. informed my student that the chest opening in these poses give increased courage. it made me bossy this morning. had not heard of increased bossiness as a result of doing chest opening asanas.

when R. adjusted me in pashimottanasana too quickly, I yelped and said to push slowly. R. said i should get used to the suffering. i replied that my teacher Vance used to say, "no suffering" when i displayed a pained expression. in yoga, asana means comfortable seat. you strain to get into the pose, then relax while holding it.


today's happy spine

today's practice of vinyasa krama's supine series plus extra practice of bow pose, with assistance in coming up to standing twice made my body feel strong. the spine, lower back and leg muscles feel strong and comfortable. happy spine.


celebrations Bund background

R's birthday celebrations on Sunday

lunch feast

bringing the cake

at Bar Rouge on the Bund

lychee and blueberry mojitos

Peace hotel in background

and Pudong skyline

red envelopes


little gift


stomach pills series

some stomach issues linger. needed to take my chinese antidiarrheal over the counter pills consistently but forgot to do so. slept an hour longer. practiced yoga. arrived an hour late to work, which i rarely do.

i'm planning to share my knowledge of ashtanga primary series and intermediate series poses with my student.


stomach restored turtle

stomach health restored. appetite restored.
yoga practice restored

extra attention to kurmasana, turtle pose, this morning, studying how to get into it and how to adjust someone in it.
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