concentrated dropbacks sleepy

today my student concentrated on learning the ashtanga invocation.he wrote it down and had me recite it carefully so he could pronounce it.
practice was the meditative series.
since i'm getting help in assisted dropbacks, i'm wondering once more, if i will ever get to the floor on my own while arching back in a drop back.
so many headstands yesterday made us sleepy. today's practice did not make us sleepy.


admit elegant manners

gotta admit the inversion sequence of VK made us feel a bit sleepy. the mind felt separated from the body. i had existential feeling that my spirit was using my body and i am not my body. i also felt sexy. heady stuff. at least my posture today feels elegant.

in the crowded metro i invited a little girl to sit next to me. her mom gave her a meat stuffed bun to eat - not a good idea when traveling in the subway. when she finished the bun, she threw the plastic wrapper on the floor. i did not blame her. she probably learned her bad behavior from her parents, i thought. sure enough, when her mom finished her stuffed bun, she too threw the wrapper on the floor.  i bent over and grabbed the two bags and told the mom she should not behave like this. she gave me a nervous laugh, wondering why the laowei was showing her manners. i walked out with the bags and deposited them in the wastebasket outside and wondered why she could not have done the same. i hope the lesson rubbed on the little girl, if her mom was too thick to learn.


sequence seated moon

today we did the triangle sequence of VK. that sequence was short, so we added more standing poses and the first five seated poses of primary. we did some inversion poses. i wonder how i will feel tomorrow after the inversions series. like i went to the moon?


heartwarming home saucha

it was heartwarming to be asked to teach the ashtanga invocation in sanskrit this morning and explain its meaning. i hugged my student after being asked. it reminded me of being sometimes the only student in 2003 of my first ashtanga teacher, who taught at his home until he opened a studio. i felt light enough yesterday to climb stairs without feeling my legs, and i mopped the entire apartment because i had the energy to do so. it's part of saucha, cleanliness.


benefits pushing pindasana

i'm happy R. is seeing the benefits of daily yoga practice. we feel lighter, more calm, our muscles more flexible, our walk after practice feels like a spring, our energy is greater. for me, beginning to do headstands 10 years ago was scary. R. is doing them, with my assist, without concern. it's nice to be able to assist each other in difficult poses, such as helping each other in konasana in a partner pose, pulling and pushing each other. today it was nice to be helped to stay in place in pindasana, which i usually fall from.



sleeping mosquito log

sleeping was interrupted the day before when a mosquito got into the sleeping tent. yoga practice that day was sleepy and grouchy. i practiced pincha mayurasana at the wall, bringing back strength. Raid rescued us from the mosquito yesterday. i slept like a log. today the practice was sweaty, caused by the warm weather. i assisted R. with hip opening asanas such as supta kurmasana. my lift in upward bow is getting higher. in drop-back practice, when dropping arms back i'm getting closer to the floor.


Lizhuang nails golden

after visiting the caves in eastern Sichuan, i headed to the historic village of Lizhuang, near Yibin. the countryside is an idyllic farmland
Xuaniyo Hall was built in the Ming Dynasty, about 2.5 km from Lizhuang. It is a wooden structure held together without nails.
Lizhuan has many historic structures, including temples, ancestral halls and narrow streets paved in stones.
this building was rebuilt recently
the town borders the river and has a wharf
Lizhuang has importance in recent history. during WWII many universities, including those of Shanghai, retreated to Lizhuang. the central museum was stored in the Zhang Family Temple.
an ancient well

reclining Buddha
at the door to the ancestral home of the Liu family, inscriptions in the stone state that one can enjoy blessings only if one holds a placid heart and do things according to the golden rule. children must be brought to be a pillar of family and state.

Patriarch's Hall

i met a historian from whom i bought a book he wrote about the history of the city
sampling local cuisine

returning to Yibin, i enjoyed the views of the countryside
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