celebrated seven trees

yesterday we celebrated my new job by eating at the California Grill of the JW Marriott Tomorrow Square hotel in Shanghai
i was trying to do calorie restriction, but it was a seven course meal.
not everyone tried calorie restriction.
by the third course we had to ask for take home bags. who can eat seven courses?
the afternoon was clear and the view from the 40th floor of the building very beautiful
i'm not sure why the green trees appear red in these photos.


sandstorm plants Chihuly

on Friday we went to visit 360 mall in Kuwait. there was a sandstorm that day, so the sky really looked that color. Fridays is the day off work in the week. people work Saturdays and Sundays here. it's a day for prayer.

the mall has very beautiful finishes, inside and outside, such as these stone panels. it's called 360 because it is round, except for the office building in one corner.

i once worked on the design of a shopping center that was round, with circulation similar to this one. someone criticized our scheme saying that round circulation would not work. this mall seems to prove otherwise.

the cafe area

the walls around the cafe area are covered with real live plants. in an environment where the outside is a desert, this area is really refreshing.

view of skylights and hanging wall details.
the architects also designed The Avenues Mall, the largest mall in the city, which already has three extensions. but that is another story.

skylight above an atrium, with a glass sculpture by Chihuly. i'm so excited to have seen this work of his.

there is a grand stair in this space, but it seems like a waste in a mall, where people usually take the escalator.

here is another sculpture by Chihuly. i found a blog entry about his creation.
an atrium has nice Arabic motifs inside. 


extended meals fattening

my stay in Kuwait was extended to Wednesday. i'm sore while practicing yoga, although it helps my breathing. i'm wheezing when breathing, because of a sand storm two days ago. my body is trying to get rid of the histamines. practicing calorie restriction is a challenge, when meals are from restaurants. i keep track of my caloric intake with Cronmeter software. instead of my usual 1800 to 1900 daily, i have been consuming 2200. that is fattening. it affects the fitting of my clothes.


lantern festival mannequins

last february 26 we went to the lantern festival at the old city in Shanghai
we walked around the buildings surrounding Yu Garden
the lantern festival signals the official conclusion of Chinese New Year.
following the tradition, i had dinner with my Chinese family during that weekend.
there are allegories surounding the festival, illustrated with mannequins.
the architecture was brightly lit, not just the exhibits.
foreign brands DQ and Pepsi peeked around here.
detail of flower lanterns

kungfu fighter figures fought over this mountainscape 
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