food statue famous

vegetarian dim sum from the vegetarian restaurant at the food court of Eslite Bookstore in Taipei. Jennifer and Nick's suggested it.
statue at Tamsui riverside park
traveling along the north coast of Taiwan
enjoying the famous taro and pumpkin dessert in Jiufen, Taiwan. Sherry suggested we try it.


visited Taipei 101

yesterday we visited Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world.


traveling hybrid speaking

i'm back in SH after traveling to New York City, Puerto Rico and San Francisco for the holidays. the traveling caught up with me in San Francisco, where i was gifted with traveller's or Montezuma's revenge. i was downsizing my storage contents, became tired and ate unfamiliar food.
these days i struggle with my meditation and calorie restriction practices. i'm five kg heavier than my best CR weight. my usual yoga time is taken by preparing breakfast for my fiance at home. maybe i need to devise a hybrid schedule where i practice in the evenings. 

i will be starting a new job with a new company in February. in the new place i will be speaking Chinese often. before beginning, we plan to travel to Taiwan for two weeks.
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