celestial sounds intention

on the morning of the visit to the Celestial Springs Cave in Xinwen, Sichuan, i arrived early.

because of the early arrival, i enjoyed visiting the caves accompanied by few people.

the first visit is by boat, covering a long hall about 200m long, 30m wide and 50 to 80m high.
The Music Wall (Stone Curtain) was formed when water rich in calcium carbonate seeped into the fissure in the cave wall. After many years it formed a waterfall-shaped curtain of stone, like a stone forest. The vertical stone formations, when knocked, give out various different sounds.

more views of the stone forest from a bigger vantage point.

at one point, i paid for admission to a yet undeveloped cave very deep in the cluster of caves. i was given a flashlight, as the area was not yet electrified. i descended alone for 45 minutes, occasionally seeing flashlights ahead of me and behind me. eventually, i became spooked and wondered who would rescue me if i had an accident or got off the trail and got lost, so i headed back to the entry point.

Gravity Deposit (Cave-in Hill). Long time corrosion effect kept enlarging the space within the cave. Rock Stratum at the top of the cave kept caving in and formed a gravity deposit. There are different scales and sizes of gravels that caved in. It is spectacular because light shines in from an opening in the roof of the cave, causing a dramatic effect.

after having enjoyed visiting the caves unaccompanied, eventually before noon tour groups started arriving and descending into the caves.

my original intention was to enter the caves at one end and exit at another, continuing on traveling to the Bamboo Forest. but my backpack, which contained what i needed for 2 weeks of traveling, was too big for me to carry into the caves, so when reaching one end, i returned to the point of entrance. the friend that helped me plan my trip told me i missed seeing the bowl like formation of the mountains surrounding the exit side. my visit to the Bamboo Forest will have to be in the future. as my aunt would say, you leave something unvisited so that you can come back in the future.

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unbelievably beautiful

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