practicing Doha pearl

i have been practicing yoga more regularly in the morning again, thanks to my new work schedule and for waking up earlier. i am also monitoring my eating with Cronometer online, keeping my weight in check. i need to lose 2 kg or get a new wardrobe

to weeks ago i was in Doha, Qatar, where i met with my former colleague Mike T.

we toured the new Doha International Airport, which we both worked on and where he has managed the construction administration. it will open to the public soon

Mike drove me around the commercial business district of Doha

a building by Jean Nouvel, a much loved architect in this city. he is also designing a new museum for the city

the city seems like a playground for architects, with buildings such as these zig-zagging ones

we visited "the Pearl", where Mike and his wife Quynh live. this project was master planned by my previous employer

a motorcycle with the Qatari flag painted on it

Mike and  Quynh

an interior view of the shopping area at the complex

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