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my Chinese New Year celebrations have involved a tad too much eating, not by my choice. it's the tradition to get together with family every day for three to five days in a row. a typical dinner includes soup, fish, vegetable dishes and rice. after dinner, there are snacks to eat while watching TV and chatting.

the day before new year's meal, the first one, was simple, consisting of dumplings and 8 treasure glutinous rice cake. it was the time to honor family members who passed away.

the new year's eve meal, the second one, was sumptuous. the most unusual thing i ate was jelly fish, which i thought was a vegetable dish. the thousand year preserved duck eggs in the middle are dipped in vinegar before eating. they are an acquired taste, or i should say an acquired aftertaste. the fried fish fillets were delicious. there was a pork dish i did not sample. these days i'm a pescatarian ovo lacto vegetarian. that's a mouthful.

on the left are fried custard rolls, also unusual. there where two different shrimp dishes.

these where the typical after dinner snacks

the third day's meal was more vegetarian oriented. It included an ear mushroom and root vegetable dish, gluten fillets, a steamed fish dish and a soup.
this was followed by more snacks. 

the fourth night had a more vegetarian style, with various tofu dishes and a fish in soy sauce.

the soup was tomato and potatoes

the fourth day's lunch consisted of fried dumplings filled with cabbage, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and sunflower seeds.

there where several green leaf vegetables lightly fried.

dinner consisted of glutinous rice soup in a rice wine, 8 treasure glutinous rice cake, lotus roots filled with glutinous rice and sesame seed filled glutinous rice balls.

i want to get back to my CRON practices, as eating like this only makes my weight heavier and the clothes stop fitting.


martha said...

Thanks for the pictures and descriptions. I just finished reading The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones so all the dishes are really good to see. (I have never had real Chinese food.)

sereneflavor said...

Wow, simultaneously feeling envy and compassion. Great photo share.

Arturo said...

Dear Martha
I looked up about the book you mentioned and it seems like a very good read. The culinary traditions of China go way back in history. Because I don't eat meat, there weren't too many pictures of meat dishes, but those abound too.

Arturo said...

Dear SF
That's a funny combination of feelings - I understand, haha. I have two more days of this pattern to endure.

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