decorating blinking blurry

decorating the Christmas tree and around the house. the blinking lights make for a blurry picture.


Tunbao stone farmhouses

the next day after visiting the Grand Waterfall park my itinerary was to visit a historic village, followed by Longgong Caves. i was concerned about coordinating these activities and still have time to get back to the capital, Guiyang by bus  in the evening. i had a flight to Sichuan the next day. concerned that my Mandarin level of that time would limit being able to cram too many activities in one day, i opted for only going to the historical village of Tunbao, a grouping of stone farmhouses. i took a public bus to get there from Anshun.
the older generation of women in the village use a costume dating in style to the Ming era.
the stone farmhouses are aligned along paths crisscrossed by a river
corn laid out to dry.
entrance to a museum of fossils
courtyard of the museum
a series of rooms held large displays of fish-dragon fossils discovered in Guanling, Guizhou.
the dragon is a spiritual totem for the Chinese.
the encrinite hall has displays of fossils of lily-like flowers, also discovered in Guizhou.the fossils are of sea lilies, invertebrate active during the Permian Period from 280 million years ago. the forms appear to be like relief sculpture.
the structure of the museum is of wood and arranged in traditional style of buildings around a courtyard.

during my stroll around the village i visited a very small Buddhist temple

interior view of a typical house

new development is encroaching on the historical structures.

nearby was a Taoist temple


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