Suzhou Creek lookout tower

i went to visit a park on Suzhou Creek with my architectural photographer friend Peter Dixie. These are the pictures i took. Peter also took pictures, which you can visit in his website.
entrance to a path that leads over tree tops
the lookout tower and walk was designed by the Australian firm Brearley Architects and Urbanists. you can read about the project in their website. it was completed in 2009.
the feeling of light at the end of the tunnel
from the entrance, looking back at the beginning of the park
entrance to the stairs leading to the lookout tower
from the porthole there is a view of a marina on Suzhou Creek
looking up to the roof of the lookout tower
the walkway leading along a 340m long path
a covered seating area in the middle of the path
stairs are located at various points along the path

a bridge spans a road and has tubes arranged in a sailfish fin-like structure.

detail of the paving, with multicolored stones

at the end, the bridge takes the form of the Wuli carp fish, a resident fish of the creek.

the serpentine bridges.
alongside the creek are undulating fences that form seating.
a look back to towards the tower from the creek, with the residential towers in the background.


architects @ work

recently we attended the architect's at work exhibition in Shanghai. it consisted of presentations by vendors and architects.
there was an interesting presentation on new materials being used in construction
new and old friends
it was held in the exhibition hall of Expo
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