Bund boutique hotel

on the third day of the October holiday we walked down the South Bund on a brilliant day.
we enjoyed early dinner at Mythos Greek Restaurant. the food was delicious, although i found it small in portions and expensive. the view from the terrace, where we ate, made the experience very pleasant.
we visited the Waterhouse boutique hotel next door.
the decor is industrial chic. it is a very interesting place, designed by NHDRO.
the eclectic decoration of the lobby
at the rooftop there is a bar, with the same jaw dropping view of the South Bund as from the greek restaurant. in the photo below, there are two residential towers in the middle called Bund House. it's a project i worked on.
the rooftop bar is a great place to enjoy events
the skylight
the rooftop garden
view of the courtyard from above
the skylight as seen from inside. the hotel is not for everyone, as no effort is made to hide beams, raw concrete and other parts of the original structure.
my friend when he sat on this old barber chair that his space felt like a prison. he expressed what was on my mind. we don't know the code requirements or project constraints that led the designers to install bars at this balcony.
we winded down these stairs.
There are great pictures of the hotel in Dezeen. And this is the official hotel website.


asymmetric house dancing

working on the asymmetric sequence of VK. a Forever21 store opened near my house. it appears to have 3 stories. about 1/8th of the store is dedicated to men's clothing. i thought i could wear an outfit from the store to go dancing, but not much else.


quiet moon dancing

i have been quiet in the blog because i was celebrating the October Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays for 8 days. above was the meal with my Chinese family for the Mid-Autumn Festival. the picture was taken before the steamed fish was ready. the meal traditionally includes taro roots. one shares slices of moon cakes.
this was the meal for the National Holiday. during the period there was a lot of getting together with friends, eating, drinking, dancing, then visiting many towns in the surrounding provinces. i practiced a lot of yoga the previous week, but not this one. photographing my practice has given me a lot of desire to practice many asanas.
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