reception tallest tower

last week we were invited to a reception of the American Institute of Architects at the international conference of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat held at the Jin Mao Tower conference center in Pudong.
from the window one could see the progress on the construction of the Shanghai Tower by Gensler, expected to be the second tallest building in the world when it opens.
pointing to a poster of Infinity Tower in Dubai, by SOM.
with Christine Bruckner, president of AIA Hong Kong


visited Swatch Art Peace Hotel

recently i visited the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, which opened to the public
the building faces the Bund on Nanjing Road. it is the south building of the Peace Hotel complex. the north building was originally the Sassoon House and is now the Fairmont Peace Hotel.
the six story building was built in 1908 in a Renaissance style. it has an exterior brick veneer facade.
on the ground floor there is a Swatch store, where this stair is located

there are also other stores featuring the various brands that the Swatch group owns
the Swatch Art Peace Hotel is conceived as a place for gifted artists from around the world who live and work in the building for periods of a year. the artists have their living expenses taken care of during their stay, during which they work on their projects.
at the center of the main stair is a hanging mobile sculpture made with three dimensional Chinese characters.
there are two floors dedicated to artists studios and bedrooms
the lobby in one of the artists floors
for the interior, the architects chose a minimalist palette, exposing the original concrete columns and exterior walls.
the ballroom is has exposed trusses supporting a gable roof.
an artist designed the fixed bench.
at the top floor there is a public restaurant.
the step up to a dining alcove is made of glass. below the glass are crushed stones.
a dining alcove at the corner of the building features a beautiful glass chandelier
at the rooftop there is a bar deck. the north building, the Fairmont Peace hotel is seen

view of the Bund towards the north

a small room on the south corner houses a tobacco lounge

the view of Pudong is breathtaking


asymmetric dance language

i worked on the asymmetric sequence of VK, on the right side
today. i used to get the foot behind the head in poses. hmpf. i
find i need to balance my yoga with dance. where i live it's possible
to dance in the morning, for exercise and socializing fun. yoga
makes you better at anything you do, but it's done alone. i
need interaction with fellow people in this culture, so i can
assimilate it and the language better, to better integrate in Chinese
society. those are my current thoughts.


box haircuts arrived

last night we celebrated my friend Peter Dixie's birthday at the jazz bar Wooden Box.
Peter and his wife
He's an architectural photographer. Here is is website.
comparing haircuts
the man at left arrived from the countryside of Ireland to the metropolis of Shanghai the previous day.
architect and landscape architects from Romania
Peter's friend on the right is a stage actor and had a 30 second part in the movie Shanghai calling.
the live folk jazz band. we noticed a list of upcoming shows in Shanghai with great names in jazz.


celebrated vintage people

last night we celebrated my friend S.'s upcoming move to Beijing at the House of Roosevelt on the Bund. S. is a fellow Penn alumn and former colleague.
i wore a vintage shirt i inherited from my dad, who bought it on our trip to Hawaii to celebrate my graduation from college. it's lasted many years in excellent condition.

there were many beautiful people.

i will update this post when i get more pictures.
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