celebrating ming backgrounds

celebrating my friend's birthday by walking around the Bund. at the restaurant where we took this picture, as we were leaving, the famous basketball star Yao Ming came out of the elevator. my friend ran up to him and hoped I would pull out the camera quickly as he stood next to him, hoping for a picture. the star is three times as tall. i was not quick enough in taking my camera out. my friend followed him to his table to ask his permission for a photo. I followed with the camera in case he said yes. I could tell the star was politely declining. i was asked why i did not behave like a reporter and snapped a picture while they were talking. i said it would be invasion of privacy, that i was ready to take a picture if given permission to do so. he thought this reflected our different cultural backgrounds. i told him i had been to his apartment building. we enjoyed a happy time anyway.


coastal mountain Laoshan

close to Qingdao is the coastal mountain area of Laoshan. 
majestic rock outcroppings are set against the dramatic coastline of the Yellow Sea of East China.
short on time, i took a cable car on one of the slopes. at the top i stepped into a tea house. i ordered tofu soup, tea and boiled peanuts. i forgot to ask the price before ordering. i was charged as much as if i had gone to a sumptuous buffet.
at the base of the area i visited is a Taoist temple called Taiqing Gong

path leading to a temple dedicated to the founder of Taoism, Laozi

steep view down steps to the ocean below

beautiful, peaceful pagoda

detail of a door


Brides of Qingdao

the weather was clear during my visit to Qingdao. everywhere in the picturesque parts of town there were brides and bridegrooms being photographed.
there were opportunities for portrait picture-taking
my friend T. photographing his wife Z.

i learned that in anticipation of a wedding, locals take many pictures in different costumes and create albums. the gowns women wear seem to serve only for pictures, because of their flamboyance. the pictures albums are later shown to guests at the wedding.

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