from amazing ovens

more yin yoga and on your feet poses from VK today. my friend prepared an amazing meal the other day, worthy of Thanksgiving. in order to return the favor i could make a moussaka, except i have to figure out how to do it on the stove top. Chinese homes typically don't have ovens.


yin personal stool

did yin yoga. been working intensely on personal things and the effort gave me a cold. a stool i saw last november.


weekend cooked time

this weekend i worked on personal stuff, danced, cooked. meditated. it's an introspective time. when i have been able to do yoga, it's been yin.


architect understanding escalator

if you're an architect that has worked often closely with engineers, it does not make you an architectural engineer, but a technical architect. i was thinking one could say engineer architect, but that is made up.

at some point in life you give in to dating. is that falling in love? there can be periods of frustration and lack of understanding. but you realize that there are two in the picture. one cannot do things that would hurt the other.

reflections under an escalator.


yin yoga garden

did seated yin yoga poses today. view of HK harbor last Sunday from the rooftop garden of the Panorama hotel.

today pose practicing

today i unrolled the mat, did childs pose, prananyama and sun salutations. my sister in law's rowing team from Montreal won many medals in the various dragon boat competitions in Hong Kong, among them bronze for the 500m, silver for the 2000m and gold in the 250 m. here are some pictures i took while they were practicing last Sunday.

a picture i received displaying the medals.


challenges meditate celebrate

upon returning from a weekend trip, i met some personal challenges. i've only had time to meditate. rooftop view of Pudong.
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