Visiting athletes deed

I'm in HK visiting with my brother. We're surrounded by athletes competing in the dragon boat rowing competitions. My sister in law is in one of the Montreal women's teams. My brother and I went walking through the coolest new malls in the city. I had a mini-panic finding out in an email from American Airlines that my mileage accumulated over 14 years was going to expire in 36 hours unless I take some actions. None of the actions I was taking seemed to be working and miles are earned when I fly. My next applicable trip is in December. I could not reach an agent until I tried in Spanish. There was an option of donating 1000 miles. I said yes without inquiring about the details, so as to keep over 100,000 miles accumulated over 14 years of flying and not redeeming them. At the end of the call I asked what the donation meant. The agent explained it's a program of donating miles to children with terminal illnesses who will use the miles for travel, since they cannot afford to do so otherwise. How could one be upset at a company with such a compassionate program in place? Thank you, American Airlines. I kept my miles and did a good deed as well.


distractions dumplings yesterday

i'm practicing as best i can, managing distractions. the dumplings are eaten - dumplings for lunch, dumplings for dinner all weekend and into yesterday. now i can resume my CRON practices as well.


holiday dumplings constipation

this is a holiday weekend, the dragon boat festival. V. brought fresh dumplings, corn and sticky rice dumplings wrapped in lotus leaf, for us to enjoy. later we went dancing. my brother and sister in law are traveling to Hong Kong. she is competing in the dragon boat races there with a Vermont team. i plan to visit them next weekend. here is part of a picture she sent. she is the third in the front. my email box has been at 3000 making attachments have constipation.


seven headstands festival

today did the seven headstands and modification of scorpion pose and pincha mayurasana. this weekend is the dragonboat festival.


short headstand pescatarian

hour long practices feel short. got into lotus feet while inverted on a tripod base. getting into lotus is more stable from a three point headstand with arms apart than from a headstand with hands bound behind the head, which the VK book suggested. i have introduced fish ocassionally into my diet, making me an ovo-lacto pescatarian.


salutation series culture

sun salutations today and more poses from the inversions series. meditated for an hour while sitting on a bench yesterday, waiting to go dancing with V. who was delayed by rain. two people who recognized me chatted me up, up to ten minutes. one gave me impromptu Shanghainese lessons while talking to me about local culture.


coordinated holiday one

meditated. coordinated Christmas holiday plans. the watch that replaced the one that was snatched.


distracted upon equivalent

practice has been distracted. there's been meetings upon meetings this week. this weekend there is a conference with the equivalent of a nobel peace price winner in architecture as featured speaker. i might attend.


meditated enough recently

meditated today. i may need to buy a new iPhone5. it has better battery life. the battery my iPhone4 doesn't last long enough to be on overnight and function as the  alarm clock, as it had in the past. i overslept a few time recently when the alarm did not work.


back watching yesterday

getting back to practice. still on inversions. been watching a lot of movies lately, one western and two Chinese movies. studied Chinese 7 hours yesterday, it seems.


pranayama calculations normalized

life interrupted my yoga streak of the week, needing to write emails this morning. had time for a little pranayama,  warmup poses and an invocation chant. i should practice tomorrow Saturday to make up. my body feels stronger than in the past weeks during my expense calculations holiday.

hope my love life can become normalized this weekend as well.


practice lowering light

practice has been consistent for 4 days in a row. i'm on the inverted postures sequence. some movements while in headstand are not easy. i don't have enough space in my practice area to lower one leg to the side while in a headstand. lowering one leg at a time makes me come out of the headstand. all this blood to the head my make my head light.


coffee friends invite

been waking up, having coffee, practicing. i used to wake up 2 hours before practice and eat a full breakfast, practicing much later. my schedule doesn't allow me to do it that way now. asana helps develop patience. i invited friends for dinner. they are not speaking to each other. so i have to invite others who haven't fought with each other yet.


pausing during asanas

pausing for some long breaths in chaturanga strengthens the chest, arms and core stomach muscles. i paused there during practice. continued with triangle poses after opening poses. i understand why they are essential asanas. sweated.


triangle effort thoughts

worked on triangle pose sequence today. making an effort to avoid negative thoughts.

cake perfect surfing

celebrated completing calculating my last year's expenses with Farmer's Carrot Cake at Wagas. it was perfect, neither oily nor too sweet.

enjoyed it while visiting with my first Chinese teacher J., who just returned from two years of studies and internship in France. while there she visit 22 countries in the EU, making use of the online website couchsurfing.


business quietness spinning

on friday evening as i was returning home there was an architectural historian giving a talk to a group of American business women. i invited the group to my apartment. the historian, Peter Hibbard stayed in touch with the descendants of the family that founded the building and had a lot of interesting historic pictures of when it was built. he runs a program called, "Telling the Shanghai Story" which he shares with visitors to the city. i invited him to give a presentation to my colleagues.

it turns out V. has been estranged a bit, studying intensely for certification exams that take place every two years. her quietness last week was worrying me. she took a break from studying to dance with me last night.

yesterday i took American colleagues to experience authentic Chinese breakfast of crepes and porridge. we visited small shops on Wulumuqi Road, including Avocado Lady. then i introduced another to my favorite tailors at the Dongjiadu Cloth Spinning market.
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