dive dating funk

in the dating scene it's possible that i may need to dive into the dating pool again. i don't plan to frequent the last hangouts. it's hard for a foreigner to date a local. while living here, foreign women tend to date other foreigners but not locals. foreign men, however, date and marry locals. i gave dating an honest go after not having been interested in doing so for 10 years. i have been loyal but it doesn't feel reciprocated. i suppose i may have time for blogging my photos once again. it would be nice if this is just a negative funk i'm in and it will disappear. but age forces me to be sincere with myself.

Edit: I was just in a funky mood. My love loves me. Hopefully I can bury this post with a lot of pictures.


mat nice yacht

first day back on the mat. worked on the last poses from the bow sequence. it would be nice to have a point and shoot wide angle camera to record my practice. yacht in Qingdao.


resume schedules next

finished calculating my expenses. can resume yoga again. should to these things once monthly rather than wait to do it yearly. looked up class schedules for yoga classes. maybe will attend one next week. in the meantime morning practice can resume


finishing periodically simply

still finishing my expenses calculations. i think i should do these periodically rather than interrupt my yoga practice for two weeks each year. now i'm looking at costs of past trips. it's possible to visit interesting places in this country and not spend a fortune. you have to be willing to travel simply.


lunar eclipse photographed

yesterday morning's lunar eclipse of the sun, seen from Changning District in Shanghai, photographed by architectural photographer Peter Dixie. i was awake at that time of the morning.


already complete cake

already entered into the computer

still to enter

complete tomorrow. yoga and life resumes afterwards. celebrate with cake.


lattes receipt problem

recently i have been tabulating my expenses. the Starbucks receipts for soy lattes on sundays remind me that on that date i had a chinese lesson. when i was tabulating such expenses, i noticed that in five months of receipts, the date was obscured by the form in which it was printed, making it unreadable. the receipt i received today when ordering a latte was no different. i took out a wad of seven months of receipts and pointed out to the startled staff and explained, in Chinese, that the printer at this location has problems. one can not read the date on the receipts. receipts from other locations of their stores were readable. so i suggested they need to fix their printer. that is probably the strangest request i have made as a customer. the fact that i pointed out the problem in Chinese means that my classes are paying off.


rice dish benefits

went for breakfast of rice porridge, pickled vegetables, and spicy egg crepe with crunchy filling, at the stores on Wulumuqi road. afterwards i bought vegetables at the usual stand. i told the owner that the previous week i bought a lot of vegetables at the Large Big Chain Grocery Store and had to throw them out three days afterwards. the vegetables which i bought there, already packaged for convenience, did not last in the refrigerator. when i buy vegetables from the stand on Wulumuqi Road, they last a week and a half in the refrigerator before i prepare them.

the owner of the vegetable stand i frequent gives me cooking instructions. for example, she said i could prepare the mini cucumbers shown above and add them to mushrooms to create a dish, and that i could boil the beans shown above, then mix them with the preserved radishes in the package and lightly saute together to create another dish.

next to her store is one of the fruit stands, where i can get a melon such as this one which lasts a long time. i had to throw out the one i bought at the Large Big Chain Grocery Store as well. i hear a lot about the benefits of buying organic produce, for safety. i am sure that organic produce delivered to your house is very fresh. but i also find that the vegetables and fruits offered by the small stands offer very fresh options, better than in the supermarkets.


meditation studied happy

meditation this morning was Indian flavored. i said hello to the Buddha, traveled from Delhi to Nepal, greeted Yogananda, took a back bending class with Sheshadri in Mysore, studied with Rolf and Nancy, all from the comfort of my chair. felt happy.


practice limitations resume

right now yoga practice is in the realm of fantasy. i'm fantasizing that now that the weather is warmer i could pop in a DVD in the living room and practice along with a teacher. when watching a DVD i get anxious about the pace and frustrated when seeing my limitations compared to the teacher's. but since my practice is on hold for two weeks, it might make sense to attempt a video session practice when i resume practicing. we'll see.


recycling daughter's requirements

recycling my thoughts: i'm continuing with my tax asana, making my assana soft. can't wait to stop complaining. went dancing last night for mood alteration.

he came from a wedding of his brother's daughter's brother-in-law's son. a big affair in a chichi high rise building hotel. the swanky deahlie had 30 tables, 18 for the closest relatives. the family gave the bride a new car; the groom a new house. these typical financial requirements for marriage these days may explain why a lot of couples live together a long time before marrying.

sixteen hours holiday

it took sixteen hours to organize receipts from last year and will take 16 hours more to put them into a spreadsheet for my tax preparer. 16 hours seems like no big deal, but it is my usual time dedicated to things other than work, including yoga. it's the time of the year i do a budget and know my spending. i hope to finish this task within a week. my receipts revealed i traveled to interesting places last year and bought a lot of architecture books. early morning view before departing on the last holiday trip.


tax retreat meetings

i'm on my fifth day of a tax vipasana retreat, with only a short time daily for meditation before working on my tax tabulations. a little tabulation at breakfast, a little tabulation at  lunch, a little tabulation at night, when not working. my honey has to go to a wedding on Saturday, giving me a whole day to advance this process. my income was once reported in error to a place where i don't live and from where i do not derive income. because of the error i have a third place where i need to file tax returns until they stop inquiring. paying a local professional to help me results in a form of taxation. i will take a hot yoga class in celebration when i finish the tax tabulations, to reset my practice.

my main Chinese teacher decided to work part time to pursue her own studies. the new teacher is strict and patient. i get a stomach ache in class because i put a lot of effort. i'm understanding 80% now of Chinese at meetings.


tax review teachers

my practice is cut in half this week to squeeze time for tax tabulations. the publisher of Yoga Cures, by Tara Stiles, sent me a copy to review and mention it in the blog. thank you, i like reading books about yoga. my first reaction is that it is useful to know that certain asana movements improve body conditions. through years of practice i learned that forward bending movements help with digestion and calm the nerves; that standing poses give steadiness of mind; that chest opening poses bring energy; that poses like tortoise pose dispel the phlegm caused by colds, etc. it must be Miss Stiles' attempt to address these benefits in her book. however, master teachers say that in on going practice one should do all of the asanas, not just pick and choose certain ones.


bank review itself

a British friend of mine married a Chinese girl. they communicate in Japanese. but i digress. they were at a bank, speaking Mandarin and being treated very sully by the staff. she switched to Shanghainese. all of a sudden, they were ushered to the VIP room, all the forms they needed where brought out and filled out for them, and were served tea. one can only laugh at this story.
my honey came back from Beijing and we will again go dancing tonight. practice, or finding time to do it, is a challenge, particularly since the next three weeks i have to produce my calculations of expenses for my tax preparer.

the nicest story of the weekend was enjoying dinner with my financial planner and his wife. she is as fanatical about yoga as i am. we babbled about the local yoga scene. she takes classes with my local teacher, at the chichi studio where he teaches now. i can't review my practice there. they don't have mysore practice on weekends. the week day hours are inconvenient. the drop in rate is about 30 USD. none of this is under the control of the teacher, who needed to find the employment stability of the big studio. this blog post wrote itself, sort of.


broomstick yoga

my practice today is broomstick yoga. my financial planner in his recommendations did not recommend i buy a property here. so i suggested i invite him and his wife to my place to see if a beautiful place would not be worth an investment. i wonder if he will change his mind after today. the place needs some cleaning in anticipation of their visit.

while traveling in Xiamen i searched in the internet for spas. i came across a weird web page that listed a hot springs resort in Xiamen in the same paragraph about a golfing park in California and a resort in Arkansas, along with playing cards. you get the drift- it was a weird conglomeration of sentences. looking in the about section of the website, it was an experimental website that wrote itself with software. i enjoyed a reverie that lasted 35 seconds about whether such software could write my blog. it lasted short because who would read useless stuff that was created by culling the writings posted in the net? on the way back to the airport at the conclusion of the trip, the bus passed by the hot springs resort in Xiamen mentioned in the article, so the place did exist in reality, but it was not associated with golfing and card playing in Arkansas. picture of a historic boat, from the overseas Chinese museum in Xiamen.


Tiangloukeng Tulou yesterday

Tiangloukeng tulou building group, Fujian province, which i visited the day before yesterday. tulou are massive housing buildings, typically four stories tall, sited in mountain areas and surrounded by farming terraces. entire clans lived in these precursors of modern day apartments. they are majestic structures, beautifully sited in the landscape and usually near water. the interior layout admits light and the walls give protection from the elements.

a charming nine year old girl, home from school because of the holiday, asked me if my driver was my tour guide. since i said no, she said she would be my tour guide. she accompanied me through the site, introducing the names of the buildings. a couple from Hangzhou joined us. our "guide" shared about her life and her family and charmed us all.

view of the cluster from the base of the hills
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