practice giving venue

drop back practice, dangling the arms backwards, and upward bow stretches the front of the body. sitting on a computer at work for 12 hours compresses the front of the body. opposing this action with chest openings is a good balance. all the dancing i'm doing lately is giving me thunder thighs. i plan to go to an architecture lecture with Japanese architect Tadao Ando. the venue is in the huge arena created for Expo. i've heard Ando speak at the University of California in Berkeley before. The first time, it was nearly impossible to find a seat; the second time we were turned away for lack of seats. Here in Shanghai we are paying for tickets as if it was a superstar entertainer - and the venue was sold out early. It must be amusing to the architect to draw such attention. I think he will be talking about a museum he's designing in an island created in the ocean floor for the purpose of the building. below is a picture of the Ion Orchard in Singapore. i could not find an image of the design for the museum on the water.

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