Jazz Pianist Carli Munoz

my sister and brother in law are fans of Carli Munoz, jazz pianist and owner of Carli's Cafe in Old San Juan. every holiday i heard, "let's go to Carli's Cafe" and the visit had not materialized. until last night.

earlier in the day i went hiking with my niece in the rain forest. it was, well, raining. my camera acquired moisture which infused each picture at the Cafe with a mysterious aura.

those are my two sisters and I. my brother in law had a cold and could not join us. he missed listening to the great jazz pianist and enjoying the fabulous food.

if you read his bio, you'll find out how accomplished Carli is. his experience includes being a keyboardist with the Beach Boys for 11 years.

Old San Juan

i walked around Old San Juan on Monday, snapping pictures of some of its historic buildings.

this house consistently looks well kept, year after year.

Capilla del Cristo, at the end of Cristo Street, a local icon.

Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena
Casa Bared, a jewelry store, the front of the building and its details
a Moorish style house
a window on the side of Tapia Theatre
an art deco building from 1912

i wish Puerto Ricans would follow through with plans of closing Old San Juan to automobile traffic. it does not help tourism to have cars. removing cars will help its main industry, tourism from the large cruise ships that dock here, such as this giant one. it would require creating effective public transportation in the old town. they are planning public transportation in the university of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras. they could do the same in Old San Juan.


Claudia's book arrived

Claudia's book arrived.

Thanks Claudia, I will enjoy reading it on the flight back home.


yoga beach towel

yoga posing at the beach today

with the towel as a cape

it was a beautiful day

quiet capita graft

i'm not usually this quiet when expressing myself in the blog. i'm concerned about morbid obesity. while waiting to pick up my luggage at the airport upon arrival, two obese teenagers flailed their arms to stretch their tired bodies, looking like big bird flapping his wings. their parents, twice their size, approved. at the grocery store a woman with a lower body shaped like a sofa pushed a cartful of groceries, the cart to her was like a walker. during the church service a baptism could not start because the godfather was delayed parking the car. the priest asked the godmother, a woman the size of three, to "run" to him and tell him to hurry. she glided over.

Puerto Rico, per capita, has a crime rate as high as Mexico's. if you're attacked, we are advised, the best defense is to kick and scream and not be passive. if you comply with requests you might not come out alive after the encounter. thieves often know the victims. they may be relatives of people who in the past worked in the home, and know the owner's habits.

we experienced graft. as my cousin settled in for the holidays, my 93 year old uncle received a call from a frantic man saying that he had found his son, my cousin, in an accident and the ambulance needed his social security number to take him to the hospital. my cousin took the phone and told him her son was right next to him. these scam calls by criminals who are good actors are popular in San Juan right now.

a member of one of the most prominent families in the Island worked many years in investment banking. when the market went through turbulence, the value of his portfolio disappeared. he committed suicide. how unfortunate the loss of a brilliant man, father and husband, whose family was associated with the rum industry. he should have reevaluated his life. during that turbulence, similar things hapenned to money our father had invested. the valuation of the portfolio went to practically nothing. two years later, it rebounded to half its original value. if only the banker would have waited.


happy beach appearance

happy holidays from Fajardo, Puerto Rico,
where i walked on Seven Seas beach yesterday.
these familiar sites make their annual appearance in the blog...
i've been doing yin yoga self practice while here.


line soap fabulous

today was an unusual action packed day. i did a lot of architectural sightseeing, including walking the High Line park with two families from Australia whom i met along the way. i told them stories about the design of various buildings.
near the Standard hotel, a concert cellist took advantage of good weather and excellent acousticcs to play a concerto for cello solo. i stayed and listened, my heart transported.
next i went to a pop-up shop on the west side that sells fellow yogi R.'s wonderful organic personal product creations - Soapwalla. i bought a lavender and eucalyptus hand and body wash, and two soaps: lemongrass and green tea, and eucalyptus. their aroma is awsome. i missed seeing R. because i could not tell her when i would be there - my 3G iPhone was not working because it was unlocked in Hong Kong and does not work in the States. i could have put the SIM card in an older phone, but i forgot to bring one.
after a visit to Ground Zero, i made a way to the Village, where i enjoyed a visit over coffee with Boodie, a fabulous yogini. listening to her stories makes me enthusiastic about ashtanga. we took a picture with a police officer, whom we referred to as our ashtanga police.
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