mold problem consuming

there is a serious mold problem in my apartment. we are on the top floor of a three story building, in an alley with housing that in the past served as housing for factory workers. it is nice because it is centrally located, quiet and with good light. the problem is that during cold rainy seasons, the roof leaks near the entrance. repairs to the roof are the responsibility of the management of the buildings, not the individual apartment landlord. we have reported this in the past, but the problem persists and now the mold has spread to the rest of the public areas of the apartment, and to a corner of my bedroom. if repairs are made inside the apartment, they may not be effective if the roof is not repaired first. two of us are experiencing breathing problems. last year i changed apartments three times, so moving is something i avoid. two holidays are approaching, Christmas and Chinese New Year. it's expensive to move, and looking for a place time consuming and distracting from our very busy work schedules.


Likeng village in Wuyuan

our first visit was to Likeng village, a picturesque town crossed by a river. we stayed in a family inn next to this house.

as in ancient times, villagers still go to the river to wash clothes and the foods they are going to prepare for meals.

the family inn where we stayed had a mantel with a clock and vase, usual symbols of prosperity in historical homes.

because we stayed in the village, we enjoyed the town in the quiet moments before large tour groups arrived with loudspeakers.

dafu mansion was the local government post built during the reign of Qing Emperor Xianfeng (1851 to 1861).
these towns' buildings are well preserved. they derive a lot of income from local tourism.

the Shenming pavilion, above, was the place in Likeng village where on the 1st and 15th day of the month the villagers gathered to punish anyone who had broken the regulations of the village. the pavilion below was used as a stage in an ampitheater for town hall meetings.

the Patina house (Copper house) belonged to Li Pinru, a copper industry merchant. it features a zhongtang gate behind the entrance gate.

residence of Li Rincai, a wealthy lumber merchant. it has stone carvings at the entrance, wooden carvings in the house windows and doors.

we ate at a restaurant with a good location, but the food took 45 minutes to arrive. service was so slow that patrons where getting up to get things for their tables, such as water, bowls, chopsticks and the like. my friend described the place as the restaurant of go get it yourself. when the food arrived you had to get up and beg for rice to be brought. every table experienced the same.

the yellow grape flowers in bloom

the river in the morning, as we prepared to travel to the next village.
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