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today i worked on the inversions of VK and thought about a title of Claudia's post about why we write about yoga. i have to go back to read it but just the title made me think. i write about yoga because it reminds me to practice. it also makes me read about other's practices so i can draw inspiration from it.

edit: well i also write about my life in China, about architecture and Buddhism. i used to write about calorie restriction; i still practice it but write little about it.

second Edit: I can't find who wrote the title "why write about yoga" or "why i write about yoga" - i can't find it in the cybershala blogs this evening. so who wrote that question? anyhow - thanks for the mind ping.


The holy light of Mt. Emei

The day of the visit to Mt. Emei park was very hectic. It had some magical moments and some not so magical ones. After being given a room in a hotel at 10:00pm the previous night, I woke up at 3:00am for a 4:30am departure. I slept five hours. When the tour organizer knocked on my door, I was ready. But in my haste, I forgot my small camera in the room. Thank God that the hotel staff checked and had me go back to the room to retrieve it. My warm new wool hat suffered a different fate. It was cold on the way to the theater the previous night. I took it off during the performance then did not notice that it fell on the floor when I got up midway through the performance. I was stressed out at that time.

The reason for the early departure was that there where more than fifteen buses full of 30 people each going to the same destination. All of these people and more where queueing at the gate at 4:50am, waiting for the opening at 6:00am, a sea of 500 people around me.

Needless to say, a pandemonium occured when boarding the park's bus to the summit. The tour guide needed us to be together in one bus, and those of our group who had been able to board a bus, any bus, where not supposed to be by themselves, according to her. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, with the tour guide telling those ahead to get out of the bus and demanding of the park staff that a different bus be made empty so our group could board. The members of our group were pushing and shoving the guide telling her it did not matter; we were all going to the same place. But we were not alone. Every other bus of 8 that where boarding people where having arguments about who should and shouldn't be on the bus, with mounting and demounting buses. The arguments where screaming matches between tour directors.

I wrote down that I hoped the beauty of the place would calm everyone. The park is so big and the roads where snow-packed and icy. It took an hour and a half to get to the summit. Most of us slept comatose after the early rise.

The trail to the cable cars was icy. They gave us spikes to tie around our shoes to have better grip. I had bought snow boots for the trip and don't know why I thought I would not need them for the summit visit and left them inside my luggage.

We queued and boarded cable cars to the summit.

Once at the summit, the light was fantastic and the sky super blue.

When I was in temple I was speechless because of the beauty around me.

My new friends.

Talk about bad hair. The winter cap flattened it all down.

These where the spurs attached to the shoes, to give us grip for walking in the ice.

"The Golden Summit (Jin Ding) is the symbol of Mt. Emei, around which the four wonders, namely the Sunrise, the sea of Clouds, the Buddhist Divine and the Saint's Lights represent its sacred spirits. These wonders have been always attracting numerous tourists from all over the world"

"The Sunrise. In the early morning at the Golden Summit, the sun rises up slowly from clouds. After a while, the sun jumps out of the clouds with enormous sunshine onto the mountain, which shows fully its beautiful figure and bathes in the radiance of the rising sun."

"The Buddhist Divine. In the afternoon below the Sacrificed Cliff of the Golden Summit, a multicolored ring suddenly appears in the mists. In the center of the ring is a shadow of the viewer. The colorful ring follows the shadow as the viewer moves."

"The Sea of Clouds. When rising up from countless hills and valleys, the white clouds look like a white huge carpet unfolded. Each peak is just like a sailing boat on the sea. A Chinese modern poet, Zhao Puchu, depicts this view in his poem: the heaven wears rosy dresses to see the sunrise and the peaks are sailing on the Sea of Clouds."

I joined my new friends to pray for the well being of their son, who is in college in the UK. We recited mantras while walking around the Samantabhadra Botthisatvha statue several times in big circles.

"The Saint's Lights. At dark night below the Sacrificed Cliff on the Golden Summit countless small clusters of green lights flutter in the sky. They gather or depart now and then, sparkling towards the gold statue of samantabhadra on the top, which is regarded as a magical view."

I bought a beautiful Guanyin Statue here

A cute girl.
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