forward poses longish

i completed the forward bending seated poses of VK this morning, in a longish practice. the coming weekend has Monday as a holiday.


missed TitiBee guffaw

gee, YogaDawg missed this one. the picture got me in a giggle mode. it's from yogadudes.

i wasn't too far from that pose, Titibasana B in my practice today, where I did forward bending asanas of VK. that included Kurmasana, for which Titi Bee is a prep. Daisy may be visiting this weekend. it would be fun to try partner yoga. guffaw.


fruit kitten pictures

at the fruit stand yesterday i spotted two kittens.

the fruit stand owner wanted to give one kitten to me. i told her there is one at the house already. today i did a short yoga practice because i have to finish my Chinese homework. i hope my schedule will settle down this week. i'm also hoping that within three weeks i may be able to post the pictures from past trips, now amounting to two trips. i was waiting to finish my taxes, then organizing my room, then doing my budget. those projects are nearly complete. i've been attempting commenting in cybershalamate's blogs, but my new computer is not being recognized. i use proxy to reach the sites.


software yin squeezed

i spent a lot of time this weekend setting up programs in my new computer, sometimes getting the help of the software vendor and sometimes from my flatmate. i also finally finished organizing my personal files. today my day is already mapped out - meditation, yin yoga, groceries, study, lunch, work with the everyday chinese tutor, language exchange with friends, dancing, haircut, sleep. it makes me nervous my yoga time is squeezed.


forward schedule positions

today i worked on the forward bending poses of VK. i'm experiencing schedule creep, being busier and busier and my yoga time getting shorter and shorter because of tiredness. i'm not sure how to compensate for that. maybe my practices will be stronger on weekends or i could forgo eating at night and get on the mat for some extra positions before going to sleep. where that is going i'm not sure.


Fw: New

today's practice after warmup poses was dropback practice. i don't think i ate properly last night and felt mentally distracted this morning. all my things are getting compartmentalized into boxes in the apartment. i caught up with cousins on FB. i almost had to go to the capital to give a presentation yesterday, with a few hours of notice.


asymmetric software kapotasana

i'm still on the asymmetric poses of VK. it must be now for a week. my computer does not have a lot of software in it, as i slowly install it. so here is Grimmly's beautiful Kapotasana clip from a year ago. (hope you don't mind my posting it, Grimmly - i don't have my picture editing software loaded up.)


practiced starting elsewhere

i practiced this morning, still in the asymmetric poses of VK, starting at the Janus Sirsasana ones. i'm on a new computer, so half of my images are elsewhere. so here is a picture from yogadudes.com this morning (there is a link on the side bar).


yoga organizing apartment

while organizing the apartment, this was my practice this morning.

started to bowing to Shakyamuni and Guanyin.

forward bends (while twining up an electric cord)
squats (to pick up papers)

twists (to write at the computer and get back up quickly)

tadasana and leg extension balances (while reaching for a suitcase behind the chair, in which i stored items); more deep bends to zip up the suitcase
arm extensions (while reaching for the container in which to put my lunch)

attention to breath, specially when getting nervous, as the time allotted nears completion, realizing i haven't completed the task. more of the same soon, until the task is completed?

new baby oreos

my flatmate got a new kitten. through the afternoon there have been various visitors to see he and his girlfriend's new baby.

i am testing new flavors of Oreos- orange pineaple and raspberry blueberry. these are new flavors in addition to green tea. i wonder if these flavors are only for the Asian market.


asymmetric think pad

i practiced an hour and a half today, the asymmetric sequence of VK on the left side. i needed a new laptop. my Dell Precision has served me well but it is a movable computer, not a laptop. it weighs a ton and is a pain to move it on a daily basis. the adapter weighs as much as the computer. during my first year here i moved it from the office to home daily, when home was a five minute walk distance. i plan to park it at the office. i deliberated which computer to get that i could use at home and for travel, eyeing the Apple Macbook Pros. they look cool. i decided to get a Lenovo 420s Think Pad instead, which is lightweight. if i obtained the Apple i would have to have a DOS emulator to run the software used in my work, most of which is DOS based. many programs are also available for the Apple, but files created in one system cannot be opened in another without conversion. i still may get an iPad for its convenience.


Hysun development in Luwan district

last thursday we toured the new Hysun mixed use development in the Luwan district of Shanghai, designed by Callison. the complex includes a hotel, office towers, shopping plaza and residential towers. the hotel, a Mariott, just opened. i took these photos with my iPhone.

the residential towers

entrance lobby and connection bridge to one tower

the roof of the entrance lobby, seen from above

a model unit

a study


master bath

view from the balcony

the members club below ground

retail area

entrance to one of the two office towers

back of the hotel, facing the shopping plaza

side of the hotel

ballroom wing of the hotel

Greenland offices

rooftop gardens of the office building

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