from the party

here are a few photos from the show last week.

first, our beautiful colleague, who announced the events. next a few shots from my yoga demonstration in StarTrek regalia.

laghu vajrasana with my handy dandy heater, which i could have ditched, given the heat of the stage lights.

other cool performances, such as the thousand hand Guanyin


gambe with my colleagues


Western Paradise scenic area in Putuo Shan

the Western Paradise scenic area is in the southwest part of the island of Putuo Shan. it is denseley planted in camphor trees and has many temples and groupings of rocks in which letters where carved in ancient times.

the inscription for the carved stone says that the dot in the middle can accomodate 8 people sitting together in zazen, while the whole letter can accomodate 100 people sitting together. it was carved in the Qing dynasty. it is said that Avalokitesvara delived the heart sutra here. this must be one of the area through which Zen passed through historically in China, because of the references to zazen and the use of the name by which Guanyin is known in Zen, Avalokistesvara.

a little temple

the Buddha of the future and his four guardians

baluster detail

roof detail

a small temple made entirely of copper.

the doors are are sculpted in copper. the altar is of the same material.

on the west side of the mountain is a modestly sized development. the remainder of the island is dedicated to temples and to villages that support the temples.

wall bas-reliefs at the temple next to a famous grouping of carved stones.

this is an entrance to a cave in which a revered hermit lived in the past. the cave, as do many of the temples in the island, had a Buddha statue. the scale of the space, in which the ceiling was as high as the top of my head, made the experience of visiting intimate. it felt more magical than other spaces. although i was allowed to take pictures of the statues and spaces everywhere i went in the island, i was not allowed to take pictures here. perhaps the attendant that day was oversealous, i don't know. the cave felt special.

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