nice images

A spa in Switzerland by Mario Botta
A traditional building in the mountain region of northern Japan.
Sorry, no time to write or practice today. I meditated, though.


FLW's Falling Water animated clip

Spanish graphic designer Cristobal Vila created this animated video of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. I had not seen it until Jose Israel Flores pointed it out in his blog. It is stunning, as is FLW's achievement.

Spiritual Marketplace

In an effort to be green, I am recycling things. You guys know when I'm joking, right? :) This is for (0v0), since she analyzes these things. My wise friend Albert posted this today on spiritual materialism. In my observation, it does not matter what tradition you practice to achieve spiritualism. Within Buddhism, the forms of practice vary, but the end goal is the same. Wait, there is nothing to achieve, but that is another teaching...

The study of spiritual materialism is very important. Some people tell you to hold your breath, and you'll feel blissful. Some people tell you to breathe out, and you'll feel blissful. Some people tell you to eat a carrot right now! Some people say, "Stand on your head." Some people say "Sit, then stand on one foot, then lie down on your back and have a good massage." Or swim in cold water and that will help you. Swim in hot water -- that will help you. Reading this might help you. Say these few words over and over to yourself. Or shout your words; project out. Dive in. Dive out. Wear certain clothes. Get a certain hair cut. Do certain eye gazes. People suggest all sorts of things, which is what’s known as the “spiritual supermarket.” All these trips have been laid on the poor Americans. We could call this spiritual democracy. It doesn't particularly help. However, America remains a great field of spiritual fertility. Fertile situations occur constantly, all the time. Trying to work with this American mentality and bring it together with the Buddhist tradition of orthodoxy, at the same time, creates a good balance.

Edited from an unpublished transcript VIEWING AND WORKING WITH THE PHENOMENAL WORLD by Chogyam Trungpa, a seminar at Naropa Institute, Talk One, June 10, 1976.

back in the saddle?

Just when i'm ready to get back in the saddle with practicing in community during the week at the shala, moon day! I mean, my mat and practice clothes where packed, my clothes laid out and whammo. ha!

Back in the saddle painting by Fabu Depression era artist Gary Hawks. Our current recession era should engender artists too, for later generations.

I received an offblog email from someone named Gigi asking me whether I wanted to review pearls in my blog. Sorry, Gigi, this is a non commercial journal, unless you want me to review pearls of wisdom. Then I'll be glad to oblige.


usual practice followed by groceries

i practiced my usual half of Primary and half of Second Series in Berkeley today. it went very slow, since my practice was spotty this past week. my mind was making a lot of plans. i tolerated it, vipassana style, saying, "oh, planning thoughts." i think Springy Sitarist got my arms almost to the floor in Prasaritta Padottanasana C. binding in Marichyasana D was easy. Pashasana did not give me too much talk back either- no struggle there. i struggled, however, with Kapotasanamy practice should strengthen as i practice again in Seven Petal Lotus' room during the weekdays . after practice i shopped for groceries at nearby Andronico's. it's a nice grocery store that has everything you find at Whole Foods. having to carry groceries as well as a yoga mat makes me spend less because i can't carry so much stuff home on my back. that helps the budget and the calorie restriction. that's a pretty creative way of budgeting, doing groceries after yoga practice, yoga mat in hand.


but is it art?

OK, so this image has a story. I was beginning my architecture studies by taking a basic design art class. I was really motivated to do well and liked the professor, himself a good artist who knew how to live. I mean, he lived with his family in a beautiful house nestled in a dense forest, surrounded by his art, but I digress. The story is, I was spending an inordinate amount of time doing each project. It would not be unusual for me to spend 30 hours to create something that other students would spend an hour doing. The fellow students probably put up with me, seeing me as an overzealous student, perhaps. The teacher liked directing my energy. At one point, he asked us to create a painting that would represent New York City at night. I was tired of working long hours into the night for each project, the pace I had set for myself. I became angry and thought to myself, "You want New York City at night? Times Square perhaps? You got it. But I'm not going to spend a whole day on you!" I drew something based on a photograph and splattered paint at it angrily, perhaps thinking of the Impressionists as I particularly dubbed the yellow depicting the lights. The next morning, I submitted my work sheepishly to the professor. A few days later, he returned my work. I no longer have this "gem". But I recall that on the back of it he wrote, "A ++ you really captured the feeling of New York at night." Whoa. I had a good laugh. I was expecting a bad grade for my impertinence. OK, that's enough posting on the blog for today.

meditation and impermanence

I don't know how long the grieving process lasts, so as i miss my father after his passing, i find comforting these words of Thich Nhat Hanh, in Opening the Heart of the Cosmos - Insights into the Lotus Sutra, from the chapter on meditation:
We have a strong tendency to believe that we will remain the same person forever, and that our loved ones will also remain the same forever, but this is a kind of delusion that prevents us from living in a more mindful and compassionate way. If we believe that everyone and everything we love will always be there, we will have little concern to take care of them, to treasure them deeply right here and now. When we lose something or someone we love, we suffer. Yet when that thing or person was still present in our lives we may not have treasured it, we didn't fully appreciate him or her, because we lacked the insight of impermanence. It's very important to make the insight of impermanence the object of our meditative awareness, because this insight is an essential element of love and compassion.
Well I can say I have treasured visits with my father and mother, when my life permitted them. So I have lived with awareness of the impermanence of life, despite my physical distance from them. I did not take my parents for granted. Our family has had a lifelong dear friend whose wonderful name is Tink. In an email to me she said that although I felt I was coming to terms with my father's passing, "it is very hurtful to lose such a faithful friend and supporter in your life." I agree. Our parents are our friends and supporters.

The new Cathedral of Light

The new Cathedral of Light, designed by master architects SOM, opens today in Oakland. Photos by Lance Iversen for The Chronicle. Another architectural jaunt for me for another day.

Dedication of the new Academy of Sciences

i went to the dedication of the new Academy of Sciences building, with the hope of catching a glimpse of its master architect, Renzo Piano. i did. i didn't have a note pad but i think in his introductory remarks, Renzo said, "for the last two years this building was mine; today it is yours." 
there was a lot of talk about the greenness of the building, how it addresses the need to protect the environment, how it's supported by an institution whose mission is that precisely. The local architects where Chong Partners. 

they are expecting 35,000 people to show up for the opening, the mayor said. it seemed that number of people were already queuing to get in, so after the dedication, i opted to return another day. if i waited in line, it seemed it would take most of the day to get in. after the dedication, i went to Yoga Studio San Francisco and signed up for membership again. who-hoo!
i like this photo of mayor Gavin Newsom because it lets the architecture soar.
also this one, because it's framed with the faces of the crowd control officials.


The new Academy of Sciences in San Francisco

There is too much going on this weekend in the city. The Academy of Sciences is opening to the public. Here are some pictures taken by my colleague Chris Apicella, who went to an opening event last night. Elvis Costello played. The New York Times had this to say about the new facility yesterday. The pictures include the rooftop at dusk, a view of the De Young Museum from the Academy of Sciences at dusk, and several interior views showing the ramps and aquariums.
And then, the Maltese Falcon sailboat, an engineering marvel, is supposed to sail into the bay. Too much going on. (The picture of the sailboat is from today's Chronicle)
Oh, and yoga. I may resume practicing during the week with Seven Petal Lotus, due to the special membership offer running this month at YSSF. Ohm.


Hippocrates Asia in the Phillipines

i practiced second series to Ustrasana today and did dropback practices against the wall. yesterday was an emotionally difficult day for me. today i feel good. the photos are of a spa in the Phillipines, Hippocrates Asia, that my friend Jessica frequents. She took the pictures.


yoga hands and feet

how does one perceive what is going on with the hands and feet in the standing sequence? I decided to snap a few pictures. at one point i taped the camera to a bycicle helmet because i wanted the angle towards the hands in downward dog to be same as that of the eyes. i also accidentally took a photo of myself with the camera on the helmet looking at the mirror,  but it was too unusual, so i'll spare you. instead of taking pictures, i should have practiced more, but i did it in the spirit of practice, concentrating on the breath as i took the pictures. thanks (0v0).

they laid my father to rest today. i guess that's the proper way to say it. i was telling my colleague that they put him in the hole, so she corrected me. i can be very funny at sad times because i don't want people around me, or myself, to be sad. so it's appropriate, given the family moment, that i was researching on a project i worked on in Puerto Rico, Paseo Caribe, and came accross this beautiful picture of the fortress of El Morro and for that matter, the entire island of Old San Juan. (picture is from todosviajes.com.) Paseo Caribe is in the distance, next to the landmark Caribe Hilton Hotel. so there Papi. your island. cheers.



practice today was cleaning up the apartment in preparation for practice, lighting the candle and aromatherapy device, swiping the floor with my own version of the yogi mat cleaner, showering, and then meditating. i'll practice yoga tomorrow, eh?

my mom, brother and sisters are okay with me staying in SF and not traveling back to PR for the funeral. years ago i found out that a cousin had traveled from PR to Texas to visit his dad the week prior to his dad's death. he did not return the following week to the funeral. his brothers took care of the arrangements. i used to think that was odd, and probably judged my cousin, but now that it has happened to me i understand.


yoga life

i went to yoga in Berkeley this morning. i only dared to do Primary, given my spastic practices this past week. i appreciated Teacher's adjustment in Marichyasana D, it felt good because i was a bit rusty. in Bada Konasana, he mentioned that I needed to rotate the pelvis down and outward. somehow, i could not get enough movement going in that part of my body at that moment, although later in the practice it relaxed and i got more movement. in Supta Kurmasana my body was testy today as well. the hands would clasp and the feet would have trouble getting over the head. or the feet would get over the head and i would lose the hand clasp. teacher lent an assist there as well.

around 9:45am, as i was departing, Teacher, always kind, asked me how my father was doing. i said that he was still around, but in delicate health. he wished me well with all the ongoings. yesterday, i forgot my cell phone when i stopped by the office and plugged it in to charge it.  i did not know that at the moment Teacher was asking about my dad, 9:45am our time, 12:45pm Puerto Rico time, was when my father passed away. i still don't have my phone, but retrieved my cell phone messages from another one. my mom is calm. thanks to all of you for your words of support last week. i am not sure if i will travel back to the island for the funeral. at least i had the chance to say goodbye to him while he was still alive. he was happy to see us. my dad led a full and happy life and this was his moment of departure.



OK, just a brief interruption. how do i come across this stuff? never mind that it's supposed to be a faux impersonation of a celebrity. it just seems plain funny, a middle age man doing a take on the popular Apple ads, which i'm bombarded with daily around the city. the model just makes it real, doesn't it? it's by artist Alison Jackson, and it can be found in the boingboing website, which is chock full of more interesting stuff like it. Just a above the article is one of a woman artist who takes pictures of herself throwing herself at men, superwoman style. there is no mention of what happens to the backs of those men. ahem, i'm busy so i'll go back to what i'm supposed to be doing. ( i was searching for a picture of Zen Center by Alison Bank, but the internet is the internet.)

soap diaries

i did laundry yoga this morning, half of Primary Series. it's a lot like full vinyasa, since you come to standing often to add fabric softener to the washing cycle, move clothes to the drying cycle, fold some clothes, all while practicing in between. my body was stiff. grimaces were involved. but now the body is grateful. when it was warmer a few weeks ago and i was practicing near the laundry,  wearing only shorts, i received a cheery hello from the building manager's girlfriend. today it was cooler and i wore long pants. i only received some stares from curious dwellers.

YSSF is running a special in my area. It's something carpet cleaning, although my floors are wood. i can resume monthly membership at a low, low, price, with a minimum six month commitment. yes, now you too can do this.

i guess i should consider doing this to be as important as eating. i would be seeing Seven Petal Lotus during the week again, crossing the dangerous streets to get to the bus, passing in front of halfway houses, where their inhabitants spit on the sidewalk the moment they exit the buildings. seeing as Monxo, Anna and others maintain a super busy life, working, studying, visiting friends into late hours daily and still drag their b*ts to their shalas in the morning as often as possible, i think I could do this. no more picture taking of my crim practices, though, except on days i might practice at home. heck, Surfer Guy told me i should be practicing with SPL, after we practiced together at the Chuck&Maty workenfruter (the word doesn't exist. i google it.) but it wasn't carpet cleaning time then, and my floors are wood. all i have to do is wait until october 3rd, which is when it starts.


beautiful person

if Doron where an architect, i'd say i might have been cloned. here is a photographer, ashtangi, Zen practitioner, retreat leader, someone interested in nutrition, who also blogs. the image below is from the photography area of his website - it reminds me of the prasarittas or bakasana. the yogis in Mountainview blabbed about him today.

our hero?

who is really busy and still finds the energy, enthusiasm and time to do yoga self practice? really busy as in balancing career, family, yoga and personal life, where there really isn't a balance? Okrgr in San Diego, Stellata, ...? or how do you practice when you're physically and emotionally tired? I'm not in a bad mood, just asking. Blessings.


the sound of the coqui frog

while staying at my sister's house last week, i would hear the coqui frogs singing at night. i captured their sound with my camera by pointing it to the window, then substituted this image of the coqui from the site on pictures of Puerto Rico. hope you like the sound. it seems that someone took a coqui frog to the Big Island of Hawaii and now they are quite ubiquitous there, although originally they were indigenous to only Puerto Rico.

returning home

i'm resuming my usual schedules in SF. yoga is coming back slowly. while in PR i did short practices - half of Primary, or half of Second Series. my father is in delicate health and we go day to day with his progress. on my return on Monday, i had an 11 hour layover in Miami, so i was able to visit my friend, Lucas' Mom who recently decided to live in Miami Beach again. i rested in her apartment until it was time to depart for SF. i walked around my old stomping grounds around Lincoln Road and checked out the condominium in which i used to live, aptly named, Bonne Vie. while i lived there i started practicing ashtanga in earnest. it is sited on a canal overlooking Biscayne Bay. it appears well maintained, although the current owners had not gone beyond the renovations with which i assisted them when i lived there.


Cuando llegue la muerte, poesia de Mary Oliver

There is a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver, "When death comes", which I translated into Spanish, since I could not find a tranlation for it. You can read the original English version here. It's really difficult to translate poetry, because it is full of syllogisms and constructs that don't translate directly. The best thing I can do is to try to convey the poet's message. For example, I cannot find a direct translation for "cottage" because cottage means a small house such as the craftsman's homes of the 1930s in America. In Spanish the nearest translation is a house on the hills in the country side. Maybe in the future there will be translations authorized by the poet.

Cuando la muerte llegue - poesía de Mary Oliver

Cuando llegue la muerte
como un oso hambriento en otoño.
cuando llegue la muerte y saque
todas las monedas brillantes de su monedero

para comprarme, y tranque el monedero.
Cuando llegue la muerte como la varicela.

Cuando llegue la muerte como un tímpano de hielo
entremetido en las espaldas.

Quiero pasar por la puerta lleno de curiosidad,
preguntándome a mí mismo,
cómo va a ser esa casita de campo de oscuridad?

Y por tanto considero que todo a mi alrededor
es una hermandad de hombre y mujeres;
y veo que el tiempo no es más que una idea,
y considero que la eternidad es una posibilidad.

Y considero que cada vida es como una flor,
tan sencilla como una margarita en el campo
y a la vez tan singular.

Y que cada nombre es una música agradable
que sale de la boca, dirigiéndose, como lo hace
toda música, hacia el silencio.

Y veo en cada cuerpo el valor de un león,
como algo muy valioso para el mundo.

Cuando todo se acabe, quiero decir
que toda mi vida fuí una novia casada con la sorpresa,
que fuí el novio agarrando al mundo en mis brazos.

Cuando todo se acabe, no quiero preguntarme
si hice de mi vida algo particular y real.
No quiero encontrarme suspirando miedosamente
o lleno de argumentos.

No quiero acabar simplemente habiendo visitado este mundo.

living will

my father is still alive. the dictum for medical practitioners, when they have a patient in their care whose heart stops, is to revive the patient. this continues unless the family of the patient requests that this resucitation not continue, when there is no chance that their relative will recover. there was such an order in the form of a living will that my mom and dad had filled in 1991, however, the hospital was not following those instructions until this week we signed a new form in the hospital's own wording. one day last week my father was lucid and all of us were able to hold his hand and say goodbye. that really is what matters because now he may not awaken again. i have to return now to San Franciso.


at my parents house yesterday

downward cat. the camera was set for macro photography when there was a photo-op, hence Misha appears blurry.

tropical flowers
the patio in the back
a sitting area
panorama of the view from the front of the house (click on it for a closeup)


yoga food architecture

i practiced a little yoga yesterday, mainly the standing and the closing sequence, which is what David Williams recommends as a minimum if you're traveling. my father seems to have responded somewhat to some heart medicine and maybe will go home in a few days. he's still living on borrowed time and we have been going day to day. at least yesterday he recognized all of us and was happy to see us. i find it calming to meditate while at his side during the visits allowed. i will probably return Monday to SF.

for breakfast yesterday i had local papaya, a cereal bar and Puerto Rican expresso. for lunch at the hospital cafeteria i had rice and beans, vegetable medley, lettuce, tomato and brocolli. for dinner back at my sister's house i had more rice and beans, boiled yucca and sweet potato. it's all delicious and healthy, if only a bit starchier than my usual fare because of the number of root vegetables. i haven't estimated calories but it must be around 2200, when my normal intake is 1500 to 1800 calories daily.

during my visit i studied the samples of work in the portfolio of master architect Thomas Marvel. i read in the credits that a fellow Puerto Rican who was pursuing a PhD in architecture at my school when i was pursuing my master, Enrique Vivoni Farage, assisted him in the production of this portfolio. the composition of the pages is exquisite and the volume and variety of project types very large. the difference i perceive between Thom Marvel and I is that as principal in his own firm and educator, he developed a distinct style expressed across many building types. my career evolved in the service of many companies, where i have worked on many building types. in Marvel's work you see the undercurrent of modernism running across all of it. with my work, you see me contributing to many building types - airports, hotels, master planned resorts, shopping centers, renovations - the work of the places in which I worked, but no particular design vocabulary. the styles of my work include sleek modernist - steel and glass (airports), some elegant comfort architecture tending to the traditional (hotels), some kitschy painted boxes (shopping centers), and some historicism (renovations). i would like to find a way to unify these as i record a history of my experience, but the only way appears to be consistent in how my work is recorded.

i include in this post two pictures from my sister and brother in law's house. above is a view of the outdoor family room, and below is part of the well-stocked library, with many architecture books, in particular on Frank Lloyd Wright.


heart family books

i'll be brief since i'm not sure people want to be reading in detail all of this stuff. the doctor attending my dad finds he's a rare case of someone living weeks with a condition called tachycardia, where the part of his heart muscle damaged in past heart attachs forms a circular tunnel of energy that consumes the heart's attention to the point that the heart can't address the needs of the rest of the body. the solution is intervention through powerful drugs, and if that doesn't work, as a last resort, a laroscopic operation with two cables to send a shock to that part of the heart and interrupt the tachycardia. if he survives the operation, he will return to living as he has with 30% heart capacity.

being with family brings up many old issues, such as the health of my siblings, nutrition practices, the importance of exercise, a spiritual life, etcetera. it's hard to eat low fat, low salt when you are traveling. the food in the hospital cafeteria is tasty, but not exactly healthy. i continue meditation and i practice yoga sporadically, as for example, i might do some yin yoga right after this post. i'm enjoying staying with my sister and brother in law. he has wonderful books. i found a porfolio he has of a distinguished architect who practiced all of his career in Puerto Rico, Thomas Marvel, and it is a source of inspiration during my moments free. when I was a teenager i went to Thom Marvel's office and obtained advice from him regarding applying for architecture school and regarding the career. i'm glad he steered me correctly.


thanks for your well wishes

thanks, all, for your well wishes. i arrived to the hospital a half hour before visiting times closed and spent one half hour in meditation next to my dad as he slept. it reminded me of a story by Zen priest Blanche Hartman who said that when one of the senior monks at Zen Center was taken ill to the hospital, many of his friends gathered around him and meditated and chanted quietly. it gave a lot of confort to the monk, even if he was not able to respond.

the population of my sister's house, usually five people, has mushroomed to eight. we're taking turns assisting my mom. anyhow, traveling makes me aware of how san francisco's airport has fabulous food. at the snack bar before I departed, there were the usual fruit offerings of apples, oranges and bananas, but also peaches. there were six flavors of muffins and all kinds of cereals. in airports in other cities, i found hotdogs, pizza and chicken cobb salad as the fare offered, if the food concessions were open. to the majority of the world, cheese pizza must be vegetarian food.

i practiced yoga, primary to marichyasana D in the waiting area at the gate, having brought my mat. i worked up a sweat in my business clothes. it did not matter to anyone in the surroundings. i'm using my nephew's computer for this post. it's interesting to see the common thread of interests in my family. my nephews and nieces are very spiritual, but being in a catholic country, that is the expression of their spirituality. of course, those are my roots. i practice zen meditation because of my christian roots. my brother in law is an architect, so spending time in his library keeps up my passion for this art. anyway, i don't want to take up more bandwidth with my musings. bless y'all. namaste.


illness in the family

my sweet father is gravely ill and i must fly to puerto rico to be by his bedside and say goodbye. 

intermediate rotating picture

i practiced intermediate series to supta vajrasana. whenever i grimaced during practice i reasoned with myself whether it was necessary. if a grimace is a reaction to muscular discomfort during practice somewhere in the body, why should it be expressed in the face? the pain is in another portion of the body. it should be expressed, if one would say that, in that part of the body, not in the face. the discomfort in the muscle is the grimace. whatever.

on my second kapotasana i tried to keep my thighs straight up as long as possible, seeing if i could get more lift and coiling in the upper thoracic. i paid attention to moving the pelvis forward, to rotating the thighs inwards. i paid attention to these things as well, which wombat (megan) was reflecting on chez karen yesterday.

below is a picture of a church designed by HOK in the UK. I believe it's located in Sussex. i have always like the picture because of the warmth of the architecture, contrasted with the coolness of the sky.
karen got me into the naming of these posts by words from the content. the results are sometimes funny. i have never really come across an intermediate rotating picture before.


practice today

I did a short practice today, remembering Karen's recent statement, rehashing V.'s and Owl's discussion that what is important is not what you practiced but that you practiced. Given that I usually am too sore on Mondays to practice anyway, it was good to do so. That sets the stage for more practice during the week. Strength builds up as the week progresses. I want to snap a picture of my Urdvha Padmasana in the closing sequence some time this week. This one and the one following it are usually lop sided in the closing sequence of my practice, if I can actually get aloft in the fullest expression of the asana. It varies from day to day.

Frank Furness Fine Arts Library at the University of Pennsylvania

The school of architecture of the University of Pennsylvania houses its library in a grand building designed by Frank Furness. It is currently called the Fisher Fine Arts Library. The drawing is by a colleague who graduated 2 years after I did. It is a detail of the entrance to the building, shown below in a picture of the facilities page of the university.
The short version of the story of the design of this building is that the office of Frank Furness designed a railroad station in the late 1800s which did not progress to construction. He was then given the commission to design a library for the university. In a record time, for example less than a month, he adapted the design of the station for the library use. That might help explain the grandness of the spaces, such as that of the reading rooms, shown below, from this website.

The stairs to the upper floors are grand, as shown in this drawing by my colleague.

and in this this picture from the Flickr account of Duffy Newman

In the upper floor you arrive at this space which when I studied there was a studio and was ocassionally used for receptions. I drew this image. Back then when drawing historic architecture, I had the sense of humor of putting figures dressed in period costumes. My teacher, who was British, was amused by that.
The space depicted is the two-storied interior of the top floor in the apse of the building. Below is an exterior picture, by Chris, from his Flickr page. Here is an informal picture of the class of 1982 on the steps of the Frank Furness building. Can you figure out where I am in the picture? Hint: I used to wear a moustache then.


birds sheshadri indian summer

the birds accompanied me on the bus trip to berkeley. there were only three of them, but the melodious cackle of their conversation in chinese put me comfortably to sleep until it was time to de-bus.

practice was a led class; it was packed and with great energy. i practiced next to Triangle Man. he seems to have the same body type as I and we practice with the same teachers, Springy Sitarist and Seven Petal Lotus. his work as a computer programmer has allowed him travels to the UK, where he visited AYL, and to India. I said hello to Agent Orange, who spent three months in Mysore, studying with the Jois family, and when they went away on travel, with Sheshadri. the image here is of an adjustment of sheshadri, from his website. i may not be ready for that much pressure on my thighs while in UD, but i understand the benefits of it. I thought Agent Orange had studied with Venkitesh, but i found out in talking with him that it was M.  in the group that practiced with him for a year. i'd like to study backbending with Venkitesh in the future. blah blah. 
my practice was good, considering i skipped almost all of the week. i found myself surrendering to the full expression of the asanas many times. it helps to do that to avoid pain.  we're in the middle of our Indian summer in the Bay Area- the one time where once in the year i get to wear shorts and t-shirts on the street and not freeze to death. the warmth helps the practice too.


laundry practice hoo-ha

thank you laundry for allowing me the time to practice while you wash and dry my duds. it was enough time for half of primary in the corridor outside the laundry. my left, usually tight side, was happy to be doing something. my right, usually flexible time was crying, "where you been? that hurts!" i'm sure my face was a panoply of grimaces. this afternoon i might go to an anusaran songette and tomorrow morning to a maha yoga vinyasa fusion. just kidding about tomorrow, it's an ashtanga led class.

is a hoo-ha synonym for a heave-ho, or is a hoo-ha really just a pow-wow? i think it's a pow-wow.


bed jumping

87 of 365 Reject
Originally uploaded by The Goat Whisperer

ok, so i was looking for some images of a hotel and came across this. a traveler who jumps on hotel beds and photographs himself doing it. so i had to blab about it. and for the yoga writing-deprived, i promise to resume practice tomorrow afternoon.


maintaining daily caloric intake this week

This week I have been unable to do my usual hour and a half to 2 hour daily yoga. My diet, however, has been according to my usual CRON style and at about 1400 to 1500 daily calories. My weight is heavier by 2 to 3 pounds than in the last 2 months. I haven't fallen off the wagon. Sometimes I have eaten more because of people visiting wanting to go out, but I've resumed CRON as soon as I've been on my usual schedule. I've been bicycling to work, which helps to keep me active and the weight in check.I need to keep my weight close to 130 or I won't be able to bind in poses. Would you deprive yourself of sleep to do yoga? If I did so, I might fall asleep during the yoga.

serial yogi empathy tools

sunday is a led class, which should help me resume my usual practice schedule for next week. i notice teachers coming up with creative names for talleres, such as maya yoga vinyasa fusion. who said ashtangis weren't bendy, even in naming things? oops, can we say the "a" word as a noun or adjective? just kidding. but to be safe, don't tell serial yogi (serial mom's nephew). which brings up the notion that people will seek out teachers, regarding of whether they call their teaching werke shoppes or something else.

pulled out an IDEO method card, for inspiration. arrived at, "Empathy Tools" - how: use tools like clouded glasses and weighted gloves to experience processes as though you yourself have the abilities of different users. why: this is an easy way to prompt an empathic understanding for users with disabilities or special conditions. hmm - we architects think daily about people with disabilities by designing spaces that allow them movement.


shiny chrome

sorry that i'm not rattling about yoga. that will have to wait. it's just a few super busy days. sleep is necessary. i'm wondering if some of you are using the new web browser by google called chrome. one thing i like for sure already is that advertisers haven't taken over the viewing experience. i can check my webmail without being bombarded by ads for contact lenses, movies, education, cars, etc. i can actually focus on the email received. also, it organizes the tabs at the top, so you can go back to them or delete them. also, i was able to view owl's blog and comment without having to fire up the chinchilla, i mean mozilla, just to do that. the shiny chrome shower head fixture is from this suppa duppa site.


screen saver

excuse me. i interrupt the quiet to show you the screen saver i created and used to have on my computer. it was yoga themed. in my field we work on various phases of projects - design, design development, schematic design and construction documents. so depending on which phase of a project i was working on, i would move the green circle to that area. the remainder of the graphic would remain the same.


hello blog. i'll be quiet this week and doing the best i can with my practice. it will include CRON, meditation and yoga depending on my chez-dule. ~ namaste


San Francisco on Labor Day

Susananda might say, it would not be nice to keep a picture of a toilet at the top of my blog, so here are some pretty pictures from our bike ride from Fisherman's Warf, along Crissey Field, across Golden Gate, returning on the ferry from Sausalito. I had always wanted to make this trek and today was the first time I tried it. The weather was perfect for it.
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