recipes Chinese dishes

my SIL gave me recipes
1. Suji (soybean steak)
Ingredients: 1/4 c. oil, packet Suji, sut into slices, minced green onions, minced ginger, teaspoon soy sauce, tablespoon of cooking wine, 1/4 tsp sugar
Cut Suji (soybean compact roll) into slices
Warm some oil in pan. Start cooking until becoming golden.
Add the ginger and green onions. Add soy sauce, cooking wine and sugar and cook a little longer. Serve.

2. Celery with dry tofu slices

Cut celery in thin slices. Cut tofu wafers into slices. Cook celery in a little oil. When the celery releases water, add tofu. Add salt to taste and a sprinkle of sugar to remove any bitter taste from the celery. Serve.


cultures hall party

the very contemporary opera theatre
statue Queen Victoria, national museum
understanding cultures shaped Sri Lanka
the founder of current republic
at independence hall
back at hotel, parties daily

procession historical theatre

the beautiful sky of Columbus
pier at ocean front park
a wedding procession at hotel
sweet coconut water
tourist map of Sri Lanka
historical hotel from the 1920s
hot spicy buffet at hotel
around historical centre
Buddha, front of government building
photographed an interesting outdoor theatre

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