park floor view

Central Park from 35th floor
most famous view in America

from Park Lane Hotel, NYC


yoga bending mudra

less congested, went to yoga.
forward bending poses held long;
warming chest and burning phlegm:
kurmasana, supta kurmasana, yoga mudra.


experienced new meals

been quiet, experienced a cold.
at work interesting new experiences.
R. at Shanghai's greenest office
our team interviewed for TV.
today first day back practicing.
some pictures of sunday meals


practice flexing recommended

returned practice after men's holiday
concentrated today on flexing feet,
all forward bends; protecting back.
Richard Freeman recommended, i'm told.


tomb burned seafood

tomb sweeping day, went cemetery.
with family, paid respects mother-in-law.
burned paper money for her.
offered fruits, candy, cakes, incense.
burned paper pagoda, symbolizing wealth.
we made paper money offerings
later ate Shandong style seafood.

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