claimed sleeping savasana

R. claimed this was yoga.

at least i was accompanied.

"do yoga, i follow you."
breathing while sleeping not ujjayi.
"what would our teacher say?"
looks like savasana to me.


runways electric mats

runways for home practice today.
electric blanket underneath rugs, mats.
adjusting time for practice, breakfast.


minute warmup dorset

45 minute practice at home;
warmup asanas and sun salutations.
it's cold in the room.
unlike this picture Horned Dorset.


interrupted packed mall

yoga interrupted, vinyasa krama helpful;
followed Grimmly's sheets on iPad.
packed bags, shopped at mall.
flew to Doha, next Shanghai.
earlier visited Kuwait's Avenues Mall.


colleague client's mind

on way kuwait with colleague
colleagues on project at client's
visited athletics practice playground yesterday.
own practice, meetings distract mind.


reading guru bottle

reading FB influencing my dreams.
dreamed my cousin Pili's boyfriend
became a famous diet guru.
they moved to Florida flat;
contemporary building with curved walls.
we went to his diet seminar.
after lecture the guru disappeared -
not shaking hands, avoiding germs,
leaving strange liquid in bottle.
said goodbye to the bottle,
mind thinking it was him.
(was a dream you see.)
later a friend found out,
ancestor of his was Jewish
so he decided to convert.
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