roasting the laughs

what i said was, horror.
"we are roasting the deer."

Wǒmen kǎo lù yīxià

i meant: "we are considering."
Wǒmen kǎolǜ yīxià. 

no wonder my family laughs
and frequently correct my pronunciation.


chest organizing event

chest opening asanas, yin yoga.

organizing receipts for budget calculations.
pins from U Penn event.


goings cathedral resiliency

our recent goings about town

attended Christmas mass St.Ignatius Cathedral

shopped for party, pudong market

waited announcement 2015 arrived

business trip to Guiyang, Guizhou

seen on road to Guangguoshu:
speaks to resiliency of religion.
doesn't relate to financial services.
but you remember the ad.
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