ever sound inter-meshed

ever edited your own interview?
"i sound like that", chuckle.
interviewer pumping me up, "ha!"
lunch various cultures inter-meshed:
Chinese who lived in Germany,
UK, France, USA, and more.


led reorder spirit

two days did led classes.
wallet, phone stolen, Gubei Carrefours
money, cards lost, cancel, reorder.
money lost put back in.
won't let killjoy spoil spirit.


practicing wake up

sorry i haven't been practicing.
building next door doing remodeling.

work is done at night.
not sleeping well from noise.

difficulty wake up for yoga.



historical except unsafe

historical hotel, my building's twin,
undergoing renovation, except odd times.
yesterday interior demolition until midnight
loading off materials until dawn.
unsafe practice yoga without sleep.


article looking freer

was interviewed for an article,
feels like looking in mirror.
want to edit a lot.
speaking is freer than writing.

first psoas colleague

first day yoga since falling.
fall had pressed psoas muscle.
difficulty walking afterwards now cured.
went tea shop after practice,
with new colleague, his girlfriend.


birthday delightful Shangri-La

birthday family treated me restaurant
dishes were northeast China cuisine
delightful niece's daughter well behaved.
it was not my 85th.
lovely SIL gifted Shangri-La wine
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