strength Sheika admitted

with full practice, strength increases.
plane back from Middle East;
Sheika, 6 children, 4 maids.
who placed item wrongly inquest;
resulted no one admitted blame.


shala warm million

shala practice after hotel practices;
half primary, to warm up.

cart pictured carries $17.4 million.


experiencing colors ablutions

experiencing Doha Airport returning home;

at night the colors darkish
dining at the business lounge

visiting ablutions and prayer room

the shopping area has glitz


experiencing Doha glimmer

experiencing new Doha airport  recently
interesting ceilings, skylights, floors, fixtures
escalators and stair details glimmer.
the mysterious business class lounge
beautiful skylight, backlit wall detail


cheated foreigners shop

for second time six weeks
got cheated at Gubei Carrefour
suggest foreigners beware shopping there.
store caters to many foreigners,
and people prey on them.
personally won't shop there again.
last time got wallet stolen;
took weeks replace all cards.
today taxi picked us up,
journey end, pretended meter malfunctioned,
switched my full transportation card,
the one i refilled yesterday,
with one that had zero balance.

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