opening park stadium

6:00 am thousands at opening
Luxun park after year renovation
park located near Hongkou Stadium



happy problems away

happy practice, no problems today.

Sunday's tiredness symptoms went away.


unexplained bug order

practiced yesterday; unexplained tiredness afterwards.
maybe overate at breakfast beforehand.
dye from new practice shorts;
inhaling bug spray - all contributed?

will order new Prana shorts.


halfway washed oolong

noticed halfway through today's practice;
wore practice shorts inside out.

they were washed like that.

enjoying red robe oolong tea.

photos Huangshan by Leo Yu.


therapy circumnavigate globe

practiced today; felt like therapy.
traveling soon; might circumnavigate globe.


rottweilers jerky lumborum

yesterday rained persian cats, rottweilers.
stayed at home and meditated.
today returned to asana practice.
best to avoid jerky movements.

lost my position, standing pose.
abruptness resulted quadratus lumborum pain.
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