off stakeholders chocolate

friday is the day off in the middle east. i did yin yoga. my return to SH is delayed a few days so we can make a presentation to a stakeholder in the project on sunday. it's baffling to us why, when given a schedule before the trip the stakeholders could not arrange the meetings accordingly.
stakes. sticks. speaking of which, at breakfast we were on our own, since the cook needs a day off. i ate an ice cream on a stick. the ingredients description read, "dairy vanilla ice cream bar coated with fruit concentrate." what a nice idea for a coating, instead of chocolate.
construction outside my window.


experienced mind computer

experienced a new dimension to distracted yoga practice: email! wrote three emails during practice of standing sequence this morning. two where about yoga, one about work. yesterday my mind was in the movies while practicing. today it was in the computer.
it's the beginning of summer weather in Kuwait. they put on the air conditioning. it becomes freezing. i turn on the heater on in my room. isn't that a kick in the pants?


three costumes batty

it's been three days of distracted practices, each one and a half hour long, but the mind going all over the place. this morning during practice i thought that i might visit Stowe, Vermont in October and visit the Von Trapp Lodge, which made me revisit in my mind the entire Sound of Music movie during my practice. along the way i remembered the Sound of Music singalong in Miami, where people brought costumes to act out part of the movie as it was projected. when someone who brought a wedding veil for the marriage scene became shy and did not want to wear it, my cousin H. grabbed it, put it on his head and marched through the stage, some girls acting as the flower girls following behind. he's great at acting. all of this in my mind while practicing today. my dreams while here have been about as batty. now i must prepare for work.


traveling maintaining mind

before leaving the shala on Friday i told the teacher i was going to be traveling for a week. "keep practicing while away", he said. i intended to, taking my yoga gear with me. i thought i could get greedy while practicing in my room this morning, doing second series poses. but i soon remembered that practicing while on a business trip is just maintaining the practice as much as i can. sometimes all i can do is standing poses and closing poses. despite spending the usual time for practice, my mind is distracted solving work related matters. the neighboring mosque's first call for prayer this morning coincided with my wake up alarm.


traveling class tip

i'm traveling today.
went to the lead class
no pain today.
getting in tip top shape.

rooster legs healthy

pain travels. this morning it visited my right wrist. now it's visiting my left one.  it's possible that doing kukkutasana (rooster pose) incorrectly exacerbated this, i think it was caused by the repetitive motion of work in the office. where will mr. pain visit tomorrow is "el misterio de la doble cruz".

i'm observing how many people come to standing from urdva danurasana in the shala. many do. it's one thing to rationalize how this happens - the legs have to press firmly on the floor, the weight should be on the middle of the foot and all four corners of the feet should be on the floor, says the teacher in comments. it's another to internalize this and do it. in 12 years of practicing, i have never grasped how to do this movement unassisted.

on a related topic, someone in the calorie restriction society said that being able to come to standing from a seated position without using the hands is indicative of a healthy spine and young body, regardless of age. so yogis are bound for healthy longevity, with all coming up to standing poses and our attention to the health of the spine.


today chakra crazy

no LBP today. while assisting in upward bow, the teacher said, "relax your shoulders, relax your lower back; push with your feet, lift the pelvis, push higher with the arms." relaxing the lower back made a lot of sense. why didn't i think of that before? in the distance, teacher assisted someone in Chakra Bandasana. i thought of Susan, who can do this bendy pose.
today the alarm clock before the alarm clock is a kick from my honey. last night i finished watching the movie snowpiercer. it's intense and full of symbolism. you have to separate art from life. it would not be rational to act like the characters in the movie in real life, or you would go crazy.


rest LBP instrument

on sunday we didn't practice because we wanted to rest after our dinner party. however, we didn't know it was a moon day on monday. spending three days without practice was not a good idea. practice today was going fine, but at the end my Lower Back Pain (LBP) returned for a visit. yoginis have occasional LH (ladies' holiday); i have occasional LBP. I don't know if my sneaked-in yoginidrasana after bhuja pidasana triggered this.
i want to get the inversion machine, but maybe next year - too many expenses anticipated this year. today R. changed the mysore mat bag to a plastic drawing roll. it looked like a musical instrument case. friday i go to Kuwait.
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